Setting method of the channel (Google Adsense)

It is not easy to understand is a fact in the setting though it is more that the Google Adsense is used. It might be more abundant not to understand the setting of the custom channel and the URL channel well either. I explained these setting methods in my own way.

Feature of Google Adsense

Recently, the person who does the affiliate in the place where the homepage has been managed has increased. There is various kinds of affiliates, too.

Google Adsense is advertisement of the Internet of the click guaranteed that Google is offering service.

When the advertisement of the Google displayed in the homepage is clicked, the reward is paid to the homepage operator. The operator on the site is a system that obtains a constant reward only because it publishes the script of the advertisement.

The feature of the Google Adsense is for Internet advertisement to change automatically according to the content of the homepage and to be displayed.

What are the custom channel and the URL channel of the Google Adsense?

The custom channel and the URL channel are set from the management screen of the Google Adsense in Adsense for contents , saying that "Adsense setting" and "Channel" when advancing.

It can total, and it be managed how much earnings there were by which advertisement's how much access's the Google Adsense, there in which advertisement in the site by using the setting of this custom channel and the URL channel, and being clicked.

Setting method of custom channel of Google Adsense

The Adsense advertisements per page 1 up to three can be inserted in the program policy. If another custom channel is specified for the advertisement of 3 pieces, which advertisement in the page raises earnings most, and it is useful to analyze the color of which arrangement, which color palette, and an advertising frame is good etc.

In a word, a custom channel different by information of the color of information at the position of the advertisement or a color palette and an advertising frame is set.

Because the Adsense code changes if the custom channel is set, it is necessary to paste the Adsense code on each page and to substitute it.

Setting method of URL channel of Google Adsense

The URL channel can be set without changing the Adsense code. Moreover, the URL channel is effective only for the page of Adsense for contents.

The URL channel can set the channel of each domain, each subdomain, each directory, and each individual page. The publishing result of the advertisement of each channel can be understood if it does so.

Example of URL channel

We will recommend the directory of each genre (folder) to set the subdomain of each content, and to be set separately because we can set the URL channel as follows if URL is different.
All pages in domain ( can be totaled.
All pages below subdomain (hoge) can be totaled.
All pages below specific directory (hogehoge) are totaled. Each genre is totaled except the directory in each genre.
Specific page only (hogehoge.html) can be totaled. This use is made a minimum.

Setting method of channel that obtains peak pharmacologic action by minimal effort

When the setting of the custom channel and the URL channel is set to the dark cloud, it becomes difficult for the number of channels to increase and to manage. Only the setting of the color of a color palette and an advertising frame of the custom channel experiments, and the custom channel is made only information at the position of the advertisement. Only three kinds of custom channels usually end if it does so.

The setting can analyze Adsense very easy, and effectively except the directory (folder) the URL channel in each genre. The Adsense code need not be pasted by the setting change and it substitute it.