Repair technology information

The number of those who can come to this homepage by the retrieval has been increasing little by little recently. Repair technology information decided to be put on the homepage because there were a lot of things that concerned the repair too much when the key word of the retrieval was examined.

Repair infomation of electric equipment for home use

Still, the page that explained the method of repairing basic and constructing the appliance was made though the kind and the content of the repair of the product were few.

At present, the attention of the usage of a part of content of the repair that I experienced and the appliance etc. are put. Please repair to the last in own responsibility. This information assumes and even if damage is caused in the origin, I do not assume the responsibility.

Especially, the outdoor machine etc. of the person who doesn't have the knowledge of electricity of the one and the inverter air conditioner with the high-tension circuits such as the televisions and microwave ovens are not very dangerous and do not repair, please by yourself.

The qualification such as "Oil equipment technology management person" should be not able to be necessary for checking of the oil equipment and executing maintenance (The repair is included) according to the fire prevention ordinance of a nationwide each municipality, and to have done an amateur repair especially, please.

The schematic diagram is complex a recent appliance, and thinks, and buying it might be cheaper than it repairs, the repair engineer thinks, and the environment that doesn't grow up thinks that it can be doing the thing not obtained easily. It is a regrettable thing. I think the reward to the repair engineer for me not to be able to say enough.

It became your may being to say that a recent appliance became complex, and the equipment equipped with the microcomputer was none at all it. Therefore, isn't there not repairing under the present situation if in the repair of the appliance, there is no information?