Comfortable net environment

The web page of Asunaro-net was changed little by little after it made it in April, 2001, was added, and extended to the present. Until then, I did not know exactly how to make a web page. At that time I was not a rare situation the Internet.

Tracks on homepage of Asunaro-net (history)

I have expanded the page while trying and erring after the homepage is made. It wants to leave tracks that came here though I hesitate, and the page that explains how to make the web page and the usage of the personal computer is made.

The operation etc. rarely done often have the thing that cannot be returned by forgetting though the operation of the personal computer etc. do not forget the thing that is always. As for these information, it writes down somewhere and seeing when it is necessary is more realistic.

It might be able to be said that this is my memo. I think that I would like you I not only become convenient but also to serve as a reference to you, and to use it.

I am a rental server with specially cheap charge of VALUE-DOMAIN.COM (HP space 15GB during 5,000 yyear) is used. It is fast, can use CGI/PHP/SSI/MySQL by the speed even if it is cheap, and being able to set to think for myself is the highest. It is not necessary especially any further excluding the system of the support.

Then, because the homepage had been moved from to, it used it. I think that the use of the htaccess file also serves as a reference. Moreover, I think that taking the external file where PHP and SSI were used is also effective.