How to use a personal computer

How to use a personal computer, the Internet, and mail is explained. Please refer to "Net Environment" for the creation method of a server or a homepage.

How to use a personal computer

We do not forget to make it everyday. But like operation of a personal computer, we forget the operation sometimes.

It is more realistic to write down these pieces of information on somewhere, and to see it, when required.

Troubled writing measures of bulletin board by direct link prohibition

The direct link to a bulletin board can be forbidden and the bulletin board can prevent the troublesome writing of a bulletin board to some extent only by preventing from calling only from a homepage.

<script Language="JavaScript">
if(document.referrer.indexOf("http://your homepage address")==-1)
alert("Please access from the homepage");
window.location.href="http://your homepage or error page address";
// -->

How to use nPOP

Software named nPOP displays the mail of mail server (POP3). It is like making general remote mail of the mailer and the function of virtual mail software, and the very convenient one. I am always using it.

NPOP can be seen by displaying mail on the server. It disappears from the list when mail is deleted from the server. nPOP can receive mail, and Mail Sending can be done.

Because the merit of nPOP can operate the mail of the server, it is hard to hang in the virus. It is understood that it seems to be a virus when becoming accustomed at the mere sight of mail in the server. It is possible to delete it before it downloads it to the personal computer. The attached file is understood at once.

NPOP Because it is possible to operate by putting it in USB thumb drive and the floppy disk, mail can be checked by carrying about with two or more personal computers.