Arrangement of Google Adsense advertisement

Because it is possible to arrange it anywhere of the site, Google is not advertised (Adsense). It is necessary to operate the advertisement according to the program policy. However, the violation of the Google Adsense program policy might be done by an imperceptible process.

Feature of Google Adsense

Recently, the person who does the affiliate in the place where the homepage has been managed has increased. There is various kinds of affiliates, too.

Google Adsense is advertisement of the Internet of the click guaranteed that Google is offering service.

When the advertisement of the Google displayed in the homepage is clicked, the reward is paid to the homepage operator. The operator on the site is a system that obtains a constant reward only because it publishes the script of the advertisement.

The feature of the Google Adsense is for Internet advertisement to change automatically according to the content of the homepage and to be displayed.

Notes when Google Adsense advertisement is arranged

Even if the advertisement will be operated for myself according to the program policy, the violation of the Google Adsense program policy might be done by an imperceptible process.

There was no consciousness at all and such a policy violated me. I have not understood well because it doesn't write concretely though the Google Adsense program policy is read even where. I see when violating it only after warning of the violation of the program policy comes from Google.

Next, notes of the arrangement of the Google Adsense that I experienced are written, and refer, please. Even if the account is stopped as the one that I recommend it this, and the point from Google though put to this street, I do not assume the responsibility. Self-responsibility, please. The program policy is sometimes changed without a previous notice.

Do not induce the user to click the advertisement.

It is prohibited to induce the user to click the advertisement near an advertising unit of Google. Do not display the advertisement near ..doing "The advertisement is clicked", "Please cooperate", "It accesses these links" or other similar expressions for instance...

The advertisement is not arranged below though it belongs to finding and it.

Display the label or neither finding nor the title, etc. to invite misunderstanding to the upper part of an advertising unit of Google. "Recommendation link" and "Favorite" cannot be used though "Sponsor link" and "Advertisement" can be used.

It seems not to have to be a quite unrelated finding. Anyway, the advertisement is not arranged below though it belongs to finding and the label. I have been doing this without knowing.

Under the image and sideways arranging the advertisement note it.

It is prohibited to display the image to invite misunderstanding near the advertisement. The advertisement is not put near the image as much as possible though the judgment whether it is "Invite misunderstanding" is difficult. Especially, should not arrangement that the image has paired with Adsense.

Anyway, it is safe not to put up the advertisement of Google near the image. Finally, because this never has, too let's judge it for myself.

A lot of advertisements are not arranged in the upper part of the screen.

When a lot of advertisements are arranged in the upper part of the screen, the user who is looking at the page will be shown only the advertisement. The user is not seen at once though wants to see contents by me, and cannot say the good geometry so much. Do not display too much a lot of advertisements in the upper part of the screen. First of all, let's value user's convenience.

However, because the effect of the advertisement is large, the upper part of the screen is the one to want to arrange the advertisement. An advertising unit is adjusted only to one. The link unit is small, and thought by me that you may arrange it if necessary because I will click the advertisement by two actions. Let's think including the advertisements other than Google.

The advertisement is not arranged near the menu.

It is prohibited to set the adjoining contents to the format that looks like the advertisement. It collides with this when the link unit is arranged near the menu. You will not arrange a usual Adsense advertisement below soon about the menu.

This is a case in which I fail. The Adsense advertisement has been put up under the menu.

Attention on page with advertisement that competes with Google

In the website where the advertisement and service that uses the layout and the color that looks like the advertisement or the search box of Google are displayed, do not display the advertisement or the search box of Google.

Do not model the contents match advertisement on the design of Google though the advertisement of the other companies seems to be put up if the design and the color are different either. It has changed before though all the contents match advertisements were useless.

The advertisement of the site map and links is noted.

It is prohibited to put up the advertisement of Google to the page with few contents. It is not limited that it might not be judged that contents are few from the difference of the interpretation though it without fail might be able to be said that the site map and links are contents.

Moreover, it can be said that it looks like the advertisement of Google according to the method of the display because these are pages only of the link. Judge it because it cannot be said no goodness by yourself.

The advertisement is not put up to the site including contents that have not been permitted.

The advertisement of Google cannot be displayed on the site where violence, the racial discrimination or the individual, the group, and the organization are slandered, and slandered and the site, etc. for pornography and the adult or adults. A lot of other contents that have not been permitted exist.

It is a violation when contravening a law, and not applying to the expression and public order and morals appropriately. First of all, if information benefits a lot of worlds for the person, it is safe.

The site where liquors, the cigarette, and the prescription medicine that the alcohol degree is high even if it is lawful are sold seems to be useless.

Arrangement of safer Google Adsense

It is important to observe the above-mentioned precaution to arrange the Google Adsense without trouble. Especially, it is safe to arrange usual sentences after the Adsense advertisement.

The separator line is clearly put in addition between other contents to arrange the advertisement more safely or the advertisement is enclosed with the frame.

Moreover, when the label of "Sponsored link" or "Advertisement" is applied up soon, it is certain of the advertisement.