How to use of WordPress

This site was made with would like of me you for me to record the noticed point and the stumbling point with word press (WordPress), and to refer.

What is the word press?

The word press is blog software constructed for myself in the server. It is the most popular one used best in the worlds now. It is possible to use it by the server that can use MySQL of the language and the data base of PHP.

Blog of independence it is easy to use compared with the blog of a free of charge and a pay rental and high performance. However, it is necessary to set it for myself.

Chance to have come to use word press

There is something that it was not possible to consent by the function was no convincing something though it made comparative study of the blog of each company though I used a free blog (FC2 etc.).

It was the state as it is for a long time neither the installation nor the setting's easily going well though the word press was found and used. Moreover, it is not possible to master and it has deleted it though it set up once.

It felt like being said that the word press that others set up was seen while doing so, and it used it by all means. There were various troubles in mastering though the installation was easy.

I have expanded the page while trying and erring after the homepage is made. It wants to leave tracks that came here though I hesitate, and the page that explains how to make the web page and the usage of the personal computer is made.

The operation etc. rarely done often have the thing that cannot be returned by forgetting though the operation of the personal computer etc. do not forget the thing that is always. As for these information, it writes down somewhere and seeing when it is necessary is more realistic.

It might be able to be said that this is my memo. I think that I would like you I not only become convenient but also to serve as a reference to you, and to use it.

Then, because the homepage had been moved from to, it used it. I think that the use of the htaccess file also serves as a reference. Moreover, I think that taking the external file where PHP and SSI were used is also effective.