Devisal and production

It was published in "RF the world" magazine No.9.

RF world No.9The article on "Design and production of the AM wireless microphone" was published in page 114-124 of "RF the world" No.9 (sale on the 29th and including tax in January, the CQ publisher and 2010 the fixed price 1,680 yen).

Even the page of "Device and production" It explains how to decide and the computational method of all almost the circuit constants such as resistance and capacitors in detail in this book though it easily introduces as

Wavy example of oscilloscope

Oscilloscope waveform

This figure is an observation of the shape of waves of the electric circuit with the oscilloscope. From the left to collector voltage of trapezoid waveform of the horizontal output pulse waveform of tube television, vertical output voltage waveform, and AM transmitter and AM transmitters, and current wave types it

The oscilloscope can be expected to be going to take the operation of the electric circuit. As for the oscilloscope , I want one in an efficient repair and production.

Motive and purpose to make this Home Page

There are various products in our surroundings. When the product was used, will you have thought it was inconvenient? There is a thing that comes to use it easily fairly by doing a little device.

Because the crack was not suitable for making a thing to make the product itself and a too complex thing, I was using the thing made devising it with a main objective of the thing that it was easy and the effect is large by myself.

It decided to be thought it had the homepage I would like you to use it effectively if I not only become convenient but also these ideas are opened to the public to the chance, and there is useful information in that, and to put it on the homepage.

"Here is amusing" When it informs them of it, it is welcome when there are any suggestions such as "There is a better idea". The impression used making it can be gotten and I think it is more welcome.

Please do by the self-responsibility safely carefully when it is produced for myself, and it is used. Please stop it if not confident.