How to set up WordPress (Set it up in xrea and coreserver)

The theme (Classic) was found to me when looking for the theme of simple and the XHTML faithful grammar of WordPress. And this was set up in xrea and coreserver, I will introduce how to set up.

What is WordPress?

WordPress : to the data base MySQL is used, and the blog software of the open source written with PHP. The blog is completed if everyone is downloaded and it sets it up in the server.

WordPress is downloaded and it sets it up in the server.

The main body of WordPress is downloaded from a Japanese WordPress official site when installing it by hand power. Next, the main body is defrosted and it up-loads it to the server with FFFTP.

MySQL (data base) is set to the server.

MySQL (data base) is set on the management page of the server of xrea and coreserver. Especially, it is difficult.

WordPress is set by starting.

It accesses the up-loaded folder from a browser. Then, it only advances it according to the screen because the installer moves.

Because the password is made without permission when advancing according to the screen, it is copied without fail. Because this is used at log in, it does for remembrance' sake. It changes it though I like password when logging it in once. Please use it now. Please change it though it likes theme. Trouble goes out variously as follows.

The indent of P tag (paragraph) was set with Style Sheet.

The indent of P tag (paragraph) when contributing set indent with Style Sheet in being disregarded in this WordPress. This was adopted in the homepage because it was quite good. The text indent one character is only added to P tag as follows.

p {text-indent: 1em}

The sidebar was changed from the right to the left.

When the width of the screen is shortened, a part of a left, main part (image and advertisement) is hidden under the sidebar when it is this method though the sidebar is in the right in the theme (like the template) of classic. Then, the sidebar was brought to the left. There might not be problem if it is this either.

Max Width was incidentally set. How also in IE, Firefox, and Opera though it is sure to be displayed well? The width is sure not to extend any more more than about 910 width pixels of the screen. Sentences will be able to be read completely below 600 width pixels of the screen.

The advertisement of the Google AdSense is put up.

It is the quite difficult one that puts the Google AdSense on WordPress. It doesn't live easily in the main part though the advertisement is put up comparatively easily if the widget is used for the sidebar. I disregarded the direct code in the header and the footer and sticking was disregarded. It is necessary to change by all means in the place though there seems to be a plug-in for AdSense, too.

When the grammar was checked with Another HTML-lint gateway even if the Google AdSense was put, it became 99 points. There seem to be a lot of one of a usual blog that becomes a minus point. First of all, if it is 50 points or more, it might be passing.

Setting method of word press that uses my brand of Feedburner

RSS in a my brand was delivered by using Feedburner. If you change to the setting that doesn't use feeding ( that WordPress issues though plug-in FeedSmith of Feedburner was applied FeedSmith is not necessary.

In the theme changing to the setting that doesn't display feeding ( that WordPress issues In functions.php.


It ends comment. Moreover, this is not displayed because there is a display also in meta information on the widget. Making the link "Manager log in" in the link, it links with (

Feedburner converts feeding ( that WordPress issues into (****). This feeding is converted into (****) further by a my brand. This is filled in as follows in the head tag.

<link rel="alternate" href="****" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" />

The design of the individual article page was changed.

If the file of the name of single.php is made, it seems to become a file that displays the individual article page. "index.php" The file is copied, the file name is made "single.php", and it preserves it. The content is changed as follows. Of course, when the correspondence is described in "header.php ", it brings it in "index.php".

The h1 tag was made the title of an individual article in the page of an individual article. The h1 tag described the summary of the blog in other pages. Style Sheet also changes suitably.