Coping process of trouble of WordPress

WordPress is blog software convenient to set up the blog for myself. However, various hurdles block the installation. I think that the record that is embarrassed me and dealt is left and I become your reference.

Method of mending small letter display of alphabet of sidebar

It was displayed by the small letter though the alphabet of the sidebar was a capital letter why. As for this, the cause has not been understood easily. It displays by a browser and when the source is seen, the capital letter certainly.

Finally I examine the content of "style.css". The character of sidebar (menu) was converted into the small letter as follows.

#menu ul {text-transform: lowercase;}

This is rewritten as follows or this item is deleted. Is it general to make them display it by the small letter in the sphere in English?

#menu ul {text-transform: none;}

Method of mending becoming it impossibility to up-load image

I am making the word press from It becomes impossible to up-load the image when "The up-loaded file is arranged to the folder of the years base" is checked by the setting.

It seems to move PHP in a safe mode, and if it doesn't change it to run PHP with CGI, coreserver and xrea seem to be useless. In the".htaccess"

AddHandler application/x-httpd-phpcgi .php

It filled in, and it put it in wp-admin. Then, it came to be able to up-load it. It did not go well when it was it though you seemed should apply only to the up-loading file.

Method of settlement when layout of management screen collapses by WordPress (Ver.2.9)

If the blog is written, the layout of the management screen has suddenly become soppy. Style Sheet seems not to work well very much.

I see in IE8 ok, and generate this phenomenon by Firefox3. I must disgust it is easy to use of IE, and completely It has become Firefox faction, and, if possible, I do not want to use IE. This method of settlement only adds the following line to wp-config.php as follows.


It came to be displayed normally even if the management screen was opened with Firefox since then. There seems to be quite a lot of trouble of WordPress.

Action when it cannot access data base by using Wp Security Scan

The plug-in of Wp Security Scan is very convenient. Even if it is careless, it seems to secure security the security of one respondent. When you use Wp Security Scan

Your table prefix should not be wp_. Click here to change it.

It warns. In a word, the prefix of the data base defaults It is told to change from wp _. Because it would be better to do after security, it tried.

[Start Renaming] was clicked specifying new prefix for "wp_".

Log in cannot be done by becoming it , saying that "There is no enough right of access to access this page" when logging it in though the inspection of the blog is normal. The cause is a prefix before it changes Data using "wp_" exists in the data base.

Anyhow, it doesn't become it though it tried variously from the management screen of the core server. It tried to delete all data bases after all, and to make the same data base newly. The data backed up afterwards is returned and the end. It was temporarily very in a hurry. I became tired.

Coping process when XML becoming error by WordPress if it declares

WordPress is described with PHP though XML is declared in XHTML1.0 as follows.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

It is because of becoming the error because of the same at the beginning as the part when the XML declaration that starts by "<?" omits and writes PHP. The WordPress route to cannot the use of this omission with PHP of WordPress. There is no problem if the following line is added to the htaccess file.

php_flag short_open_tag Off

Or, if this XML declaration is described as follows by the echo command of PHP, it doesn't become an error.

<?php echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'."\n"; ?>

The automatic contribution function:Method of solving the trouble of the track back transmission.

Because trouble is caused when the automatic contribution function and the track back transmission are initialization, cron.php in wp-includes The description of the 229th line (For Wordpress 2.9) is changed.

wp_remote_post( $cron_url, array('timeout' => 0.01, 'blocking' => false, 'sslverify' => apply_filters('https_local_ssl_verify', true)) );

These 0.01 seconds are changed as follows at about three seconds.

wp_remote_post( $cron_url, array('timeout' => 3, 'blocking' => false, 'sslverify' => apply_filters('https_local_ssl_verify', true)) );

When log in cannot be done to phpMyAdmin with Coreserver, Xrea

It becomes impossible The MySQL data base in Xrea and Coreserver from the management screen for the message of "#1045 Access denied for user ‘****'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" to appear when it tried to log in phpMyAdmin and to have done log in.

This phenomenon seems often to exist. As for the cause, describe of the management screen of Xrea and Coreserver cramped causes one. There are the following descriptions in the management screen of Xrea and Coreserver.

It is written, "Please use the attestation password (user name :**** , password :****) of the log-in screen when you enter the page". This is not a log in password of "PhpMyAdmin" of the MySQL data base.

This is ID, and a password input in the dialog box of the Basic attestation displayed to click "Log-in" on the management screen. The name of the user used to enter a room in a word as follows is a name of the user of the MySQL data base, and the password also : It is the one of the MySQL data base.

If it cannot be understood that the screen of log in becomes a posture by two steps, it is difficult. Moreover, if a browser is not reactivated when passing once, I will understand no repeated display as for the dialog box of the Basic attestation.

Even if an accurate name of the user and the password thereafter are input when inputting it once by mistake, it is not likely to be able to enter a room. It is likely to become in a browser and to become the name of the user and an incorrect password when the password is memorized. In this case, it doesn't go well no matter how it executes it.