Outline of one-segment broadcasting

In the terrestrial digital broadcasting, the one-segment broadcasting is transmitted in addition to a usual broadcasting the television for the car, the cellular phone, and for the movement terminal like the portable terminal.

What is the one-segment broadcasting?

The one-segment broadcasting is the one to broadcast the television by using one-segmentment in the signal of a usual terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Therefore, the content of the broadcasting station and broadcasting that can be received is the same as a usual terrestrial digital broadcasting. The region that can be received is almost the same as the terrestrial digital broadcasting. However, there is a possibility of becoming the content of an original broadcasting in the future, too.

Location of broadcasting signal one-segment in channel

In the terrestrial digital broadcasting, the frequency bandwidth of one channel is 6MHz. It broadcasts in this separately for the segment of 13 further.

12 segments of the terrestrial digital broadcasting are used to broadcast the high-definition television. It is at the position of the center, and one-segmentment of the remainder is allocated in a mobile terminal etc. and uses it for the one-segment broadcasting.

The standard image quality broadcasting uses four segments in 12 segments. Therefore, a standard image quality of three channels can be broadcast in 12 segments.

What is SIM card necessary for the one-segment reception?

Effective SIM card is necessary to receive the one-segment broadcasting by the cellular phone. SIM card is a card to which the telephone number and contract information on the cellular phone that is called the FOMA card, USIM card, and AUIC card are registered. If this SIM card is not effective, one-segment might not be able to be received.

Seeing using it together with the title is convenient for the one-segment broadcasting.

The title can be displayed in the program in the reception of the terrestrial digital broadcasting. This broadcast captioning is watching the television in the noise and when it watches the television at midnight, useful functions. If this is used, it can enjoy the program without using the earphone without emitting the sound at all.

The data broadcasting that each TV station in addition to the data broadcasting for general Television Broadcasting produced only for one-segment can be used in the one-segment broadcasting.

Receiver for one-segment

The portable terminal for one-segment is being put on the market by the mobile carrier. Moreover, the model that can see the one-segment broadcasting even with the car navigation system etc. is put on the market.

Method of connecting antenna of model without special terminal for external antenna

The antenna part is put on the market to the simple retransmission antenna connected with the connection method and the antenna terminal in the wall in clip etc. for the model without the external antenna connection terminal. If these are used, it is possible to receive it well.