It was necessary to do digital telecast in the satellite.

The digitalization of the television is progressing by the terrestrial digital broadcasting method. I doubted why the television was not digitalized by BS (satellite) method before. It ends with only one channel (physical channel) if it is a standard broadcasting to make it to the same broadcasting as the terrestrial digital broadcasting with BS. All are possible by three channels (physical channel) even by the high-definition television broadcasting.

Is the terrestrial digital broadcasting really necessary?

The satellite broadcasts can receive the Japanese whole country anywhere. The region where the television doesn't look like the terrestrial digital broadcasting doesn't exist. Only BS digital tuner is put up, and it hardly costs cost. No did digital broadcasting from the beginning why by the BS method or it becomes it by the doubt.

Because local sponsored broadcasting is defended, I think that it is strange to spend cost so much only to defend the management of the sponsored broadcasting.

Technically, it ends physically with one channel if it is a standard broadcasting to make it to the same broadcasting as the terrestrial digital broadcasting with BS. All are physically possible by three channels even by the high-definition television broadcasting.

The ground digital method is a useless method.

The cost of digitalization seems to end for 20 billion yen in case of digital broadcasting in the satellite. When it is done by the terrestrial digital broadcasting, it seems to cost one trillion yen or more.

The ground digital method to be buying the television, paying for the antenna, and a large load is generated in the consumer. Even if nothing is done, it becomes digital broadcasting correspondence if it is a person who has the BS antenna and there is BS digital tuner if it is a satellite digital method. Even the person who has only the television only buys BS antenna and BS digital tuner additionally. UHF aerial is not necessary.

VHF and UHF frequency can be used besides the television in case of a satellite digital method.

The electric wave of VHF and UHF used for the television becomes quite unnecessary if the ground digital is not done and it makes it to the satellite digital. If all broadcasting the ground wave had been shifted to the satellite when BS digital is started in 2000, another can divert 370MHz of UHF and VHF.

If it is a satellite digital method, a further frequency can be effectively used from the ground digital method. I think that I should have done for the future.

The same broadcasting as the terrestrial digital broadcasting is done in the BS satellite now.

The terrestrial digital broadcasting for seven channels is done with BS-17 of a physical channel of BS now. (Broadcast with BS291-BS298 the same as the ground digital)

Please match the channel of BS digital to the BS291-298 channel. "This broadcasting is terrestrial digital broadcasting difficulty watching measures satellite broadcasting. General cannot be used." The title comes out.

This is broadcasting only for the person in the region of 2% that cannot be covered because of the ground wave. Because vested rights of a local commercial broadcast are violated when other people see, it scrambles and it doesn't see it. In the content of broadcasting, it is the same as broadcasting the Kanto region, and the commercial one in the Kanto region.

The terrestrial digital broadcasting is not seen in my country either.

The terrestrial digital broadcasting was not seen though barely saw the ground analog broadcasting in my country (recesses of a mountain of the Oda-gun Yakage-cho) no matter in spite of doing very. If so, there is no means to see this even if it is thought that it only has to see the same broadcasting as the ground digital of above-mentioned BS291-BS298.

When it consulted Dejisapo, the policy of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications was "There is only joining CATV." I reluctantly joined CATV.