BS and CS digital broadcasting

The BS analog broadcasting to start broadcasting by using the satellite in 1989 ends in July, 2011. The BS digital broadcasting was begun in December, 2000, was raised the satellite to the same position as BS of 110 degrees east in 2002, and the CS digital broadcasting was begun.

Current state of BS and CS broadcasting

It divided clearly from the satellite broadcasts and communication satellite broadcasting so far. However, the satellite was raised to the same position as BS of 110 degrees east in 2002, and the CS digital broadcasting was begun. As a result, the BS digital broadcasting and CS digital broadcasting integrated and came to be managed.

BS analog television broadcasting

It is BS analog broadcasting that NHK uses the satellite in June, 1989 and this broadcasting began. This BS analog broadcasting is supposed to end by July 24, 2011.

BS and CS digital television broadcasting

The BS digital broadcasting is a satellite digital broadcasting that related companies at NHK and key commercial TV stations etc. began to broadcast in December, 2000. The satellite was raised to the same position as BS of 110 degrees east in 2002, and the CS digital broadcasting was begun after this.

Advantage of BS and CS digital broadcasting

The high-resolution and the feature of high sound quality maximum as well as the ground wave digital broadcasting are the BS digital broadcasting. It can enjoy the image of the high-definition television.

If the resolution is dropped to a standard image quality in digital telecast, three channels can be broadcast by the bandwidth for one channel.

The data broadcasting to which information, news, and information for daily life, etc. that synchronize with electric program guide (EPG) and the program that can easily confirm the program schedule on the television screen can be in real time drawn out can be broadcast.

The interactive broadcasting to be able to participate in the quiz and shopping by synchronizing with the program is possible. However, it is necessary to connect the tuner with the line when participating in the interactive broadcasting, and to hook up to the Internet.

Because MPEG-2 AAC is used for the broadcasting form of the voice, 5.1ch surround voice can be broadcast.

It is possible to show it by synthesizing the signal of subtitles to the image besides the image signal.

It can be controlled to prohibit recording and the copy of the program in the broadcasting station. If the B-CAS card is not set in the tuner etc. by the copy control using the B-CAS card, it is not possible to watch.

110 degrees CS digital broadcasting

As for the communications satellite used for 110 CS broadcasting, the satellite is launched by the same direction as the broadcasting satellite. Therefore, the feature is to be able to receive it with the same antenna as the BS digital broadcasting.

Broadcasting was begun as for CS broadcasting in 2002, and, at first, there were three named the Platt one and ep and SKYPerfecTV. It was integrated afterwards and it became only SKYPerfecTV.

Drawback of BS and CS broadcasting

It is necessary to set up the antenna for the satellite reception besides the antenna that receives the television of the ground wave to receive BS and CS broadcasting.

The attenuation of the electric wave with the obstacle is received easily because the electric wave used by BS and CS broadcasting is SHF belt, the electric wave weakens in the stormy weather such as heavy snows and heavy rains, and there is an obstacle in the reception.