Selection of indoor antenna for terrestrial digital broadcasting reception and attention of installation

It is usual to put up UHF aerial in outdoor to watch the terrestrial digital broadcasting. If it is a region in a strong electric field, the indoor antenna is worth of the experiment because it reflects. Moreover, even if it is not a room, it might be also good to set up the antenna in the attic.

Electric field strength is examined with the receiver of "One Segment Digital Broadcasting".

There seem to be a lot of one that the television of "One Segment Digital Broadcasting" can be received in a recent cellular phone. First of all, let's examine whether "One Segment Digital Broadcasting" reflects.

However, it is not because of having fixed that it is possible to receive it with the indoor antenna even if the television reflects by "One Segment Digital Broadcasting". Please think that the indoor antenna cannot be used if it is a region where "One Segment Digital Broadcasting" cannot be received.

Performance of indoor antenna

The performance of the indoor antenna is not so good as the antenna. Most things are things near omnidirectional even if there is a directivity.

The directional antenna is an antenna that strongly receives only the electric field strength in a specific direction. In general, the antenna of ten elements etc. of UHF used in outdoor corresponds to this. It is necessary to adjust the direction of the antenna to the directional antenna. It is usual that the gain of the amount antenna is high.

The nondirectional antenna is an antenna that thoroughly receives the electric field strength from all directions. Because the gain is low, the direction of the antenna can by some means receive only high-intensity radio waves to the nondirectional antenna though it is good.

Receives under the eaves when not indoors reception.

Let's put it out to outdoor of under the eaves and the veranda, etc. when not reception even if the indoor antenna is bought. The possibility to be able to receive well rises when the room is in the direction of which the electric field strength comes.

The coaxial cable can be drawn in from the piping hole of the ventilating opening and the air conditioner if it receives in under the eaves and the veranda. The cable for a flat drawing in for the space of the aluminium sash is sold when there is no hole to the room. It had sold it by the name of ninja cable in old times.

The antenna can be set up in the attic.

There is a possibility to be able to receive well because the attic is at a high position though the indoor antenna is the one using it in the strong electric field region. Moreover, you might set up efficient usual UHF aerial because it doesn't see it from the outside if it is an attic. The antenna equipment also lasts long because it is not exposed to wind and rain.

It can wire the distributor soon by putting up the booster at the position if the antenna is applied to the attic. It can easily watch the terrestrial digital broadcasting in each room if it does so.