World Heritage of Nijo Castle

I went to the coach tour by preferential treatment and the independence of the nearby supermarket Osaka and the Kyoto district. I introduce Nijo Castle in Kyoto with the photograph taken there.

World Heritage:History of Nijo Castle

Ieyasu Tokugawa built as lodgings of Kyoto Imperial Palace on protection and the general it in 1603. Afterwards, it is what three Brigadier General Iiemitsu was moved the monument in the Fushimi castle, and completed in 1626.

Nijo Castle became the one of the court by 15 Brigadier General martial Yoshinobu's restoration of the imperial rule in 1867. It became a detached palace for years 1884, and it became jurisdiction of Kyoto City in 1939.

Guide of Nijo Castle

Address 541 Nijo Castle-cho Horikawa-nishiiru Nijo-street Nakagyo-ku Kyoto City
Traffic City bus "Nijo Castle front" getting off from JR Kyoto Station and Hankyu Karasuma Station
Article 3 in Keihan Subway Tozai Line "Station in front of Nijo Castle" getting off from the station.
Enter a castle
time Charge
Seeing of two in round palace 9:00-16:00
Adult 600 yen, high school student 350 yen, and grade-schooler 200 yen
Telephone Former detached palace Nijo Castle office  075-841-0096
Map Map in the vicinity of Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle:Ninomaru-palace (national treasure)

Nijo Castle:Ninomaru-palace

Here is an entrance for the visit of Ninomaru-palace (national treasure). Because the group visits only here as for Nijo Castle, I think that there are a lot of people who think that this is Nijo Castle.

Ninomaru-palace is palace of Bukesyoin-style construction. Six houses queue up from the southeast to the northwest diagonally. These each room is connected with the passage.

About 3,300 square meters and the numbers of rooms include 33 and about 800 mat number of mats by the building area. Pictures on partitions of each room are being drawn by painters of the Kano school. Moreover, the work of gold such as metal fittings of the sculpture and the decoration is very gorgeous.

General is not open to the public though there is a castle proper palace in the west of Ninomaru-palace.

Nijo Castle:Stone wall in the castle proper palace

Nijo Castle:Stone wall in the castle proper palace

This is a splendid stone wall where surroundings in the castle proper palace were made to come round. It is very greatly impressive.

The castle proper is what general's Iemitsu at three generations extended a building in 1626. There was a castle tower in five layers in which it took pride in a high, grand soar in the southwest in the castle. It disappeared by the thunder in 1750. Moreover, the building in the castle proper was lost by catching fire because of the conflagration in 1788.

A present building is moving of the old Katsuranomiya palace in Kyoto Imperial Garden here in 1893 - '94.

I personally went to the surrounding of a round palace, the garden, and the castle proper palace and the castle tower marks of two as long as time permitted and it visited it this time though it was a package tour.

The garden in the south of the castle proper palace is the one made at the Meiji era. There is a castle tower mark in the height in this west.