Kyoto Arashiyama (Ranzan)

I went to the coach tour by preferential treatment and the independence of the nearby supermarket Osaka and the Kyoto district. Then, it introduces Arashiyama (Ranzan) in Kyoto with the taken photograph. It had lived in Osaka about 30 years ago. It had strolled in Kyoto every week in those days. I had walked missing it very much.

History of Kyoto Arashiyama

Arashiyama is specified for the historic site and the place of scenic beauty in the country by the sightseeing spot of Kyoto. The name of a place of Ranzan is originally in Nishikyo Ward (Katsuragawa's right bank). In general, the whole area around Togetsu-kyo Bridge is called Arashiyama (with Ranzan including the Saga district though left bank is Ukyo Ward Saga.

In Arashiyama cherry blossoms, spring is a typical sightseeing spot of Kyoto in the showplace of the autumn tint in autumn. Togetsu-kyo Bridge is placed and in the large weir river, the upstream. The downstream hairpiece calls Katsuragawa. The river from Kameoka famous for Trolley and the Hozu-gawa River descending to the vicinity of the Hozu-gawa River valley is called Hozu-gawa River. Moreover, the north side of the JR San-in Line is very popular in the sightseeing spot that is called Sagano from of old.

The talent shop increased rapidly around the north side of Togetsu-kyo Bridge in about the 1980's. There are such few talent shops by suddenly decreasing now after burst of the economic bubble. A small-scale museum like the music box pavilion has increased after the 1990's.

Guide to Kyoto Arashiyama

Address Surrounding of Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nishikyo Ward, Ukyo Ward, and Togetsu-kyo Bridge
Traffic JR San-in main line Saga Arashiyama Station getting off
Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. Arashiyama terminal getting off
Hankyu Arashiyama terminal getting off
Parking lot Parking lot of sightseeing in Kyoto City Arashiyama
Hankyu Arashiyama parking lot
Map Map in the vicinity of Kyoto City Arashiyama

Surrounding of Kyoto Arashiyama

Kyoto Arashiyama

The entire this circumference is generally called though the mountain in the upstream right bank is Arashiyama (375m) in Togetsu-kyo Bridge a little accurately Arashiyama.

Cherry blossoms in Nakanoshima Park of the autumn tint and spring (Katsuragawa's state) in Arashiyama of autumn (It is a mountain of the left hand in this photograph) are crowded with many people especially famously. It can enjoy the stroll that a lot of dish inns and souvenir shops are different from the whole town around Togetsu-kyo Bridge.

Moreover, the line is seen in beautiful nature of mountains and Katsuragawa in the opposite bank in a relaxed manner and a lot of appearances of the dripping person are seen.

Togetsu-kyo Bridge in Kyoto Arashiyama

Togetsu-kyo Bridge in Kyoto Arashiyama

It is this Togetsu-kyo Bridge to affix elegance to the spectacle in Arashiyama especially. The bridge of 154m in total length built across the large weir river was built with Kobodaishi's apprentice's "Dousyou" in 834-847.

It was a little in the upstream from a present bridge at that time, and seems to have been called the Horin-ji Temple bridge. After that, it came to be called Togetsu-kyo Bridge from writing of the Kameyama retired emperor the appearance of the bridge about 400 years later, "It looks like extending about the moon in which the corner".

Afterwards, the present one was completed by rebuilding in 1934 repeating burnt down and the outflow many times.

Kyoto music box pavilion

Kyoto music box pavilion

There are two music box pavilions in Arashiyama in Kyoto. This photograph is a music box pavilion of "Misora-Hibari-za" in the vicinity of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. and Arashiyama Station in the south soon. In the south, another one is Kyoto Arashiyama music box museum of the JR railway track where it went from there to the north by about 400m soon.

As for the latter, the scale is exhibited, and it is large, and has been exhibited the music box, the disk type music box, and the automatic performance piano etc. of the tobogganing company in famous Switzerland by the highest class music box.