Senko-ji Temple park (Hiroshima Prefecture Onomichi City)

Slightly elevated Mt. Senko-ji Temple (above sea level 144.2m) enters eyes when the north-northeast is seen from the vicinity of San'yo Main Line Onomichi Station. The Senko-ji Temple park has extended from this top of a mountain to the hillside.

Onomichi City : with the Senko-ji Temple park.

Senko-ji Temple is a temple of buddhism in the Senko-ji Temple park. As for the mountain title, the principal image comes in 1000 hand goddess of mercy.

I hear Kukai's (Kobodaishi) creation at the 806 years.

Senko-ji Temple park Ropeway
Address Hiroshima Prefecture Onomichi City
Traffic   San'yo Main Line Onomichi Station-bus five minute getting off and Senko-ji Temple Mt. ropeway three minute-Senko-ji Temple mountains top
  About 15 minutes from San-yo highway Fukuyama west IC of about 20 minutes from San-yo highway Onomichi IC in case of car.
Parking lot   There is a temporary parking lot. between the flowering time.
Ropeway   The adult: 280 yen in one way and   round trip 440 yen   child is half the price Every   15 minutes

Municipal museum and cherry blossoms seen from observatory

Senko-ji Temple park

The Senko-ji Temple park is a place of cherry blossoms called 10,000 famous to choose and for showplace 100 to be chosen in Japan. Cherry blossoms and the azalea bloom, and it is famous because the wistaria flower puts up a purple, pink flower in spring in early summer.

In the garden like this photograph, There are a Museum and The short way of literature. Moreover, there is an amusement park named Senko-ji Temple park Greenland, too.

The Onomichi city can be commanded from the observatory in the top of a mountain and islands of the Inland Sea and scenery in the Onomichi water service can be enjoyed.

(taking a picture April 6,   2010)

Stone monument of "Hourouki" of Hayashi-Humiko

Senko-ji Temple park

There was a stone monument of "Hourouki" of Hayashi-Humiko when walking in The short way of literature.

  The sea was seen. The sea is seen. The sea in Onomichi seen after an interval of five years is dear.
  The roof of a small town that became sooty extends like the lantern if the train approaches the sea in Onomichi.
  The mountain is fresh young leaves where the tower in red Senko-ji Temple is seen, and it thrusts in a green sea and the other side and the ship with red dock is thrusting mast into the sky.
  Tears overflowed in me.

It carved and it was crowded. The surface of a big, natural stone was cut down and it was carved it as it was.

"The short way of literature" had a lot of stone monuments of writers such as Masaoka-Shiki, Kindaichi-Kyosuke, Naoya-Shiga, Ogata-Kouan, Yamaguchi-Seishi, and Rai-Sanyo.

Belfry in Senko-ji Temple of "Bell"

Senko-ji Temple park

When it passes by a small gate in front of the saint temple, the belfry in Senko-ji Temple of the vermilion-lacquered has been built on the cliff in the palace of the sea goddess making. This bell is chosen to be one of the "Soundscape best 100 of Japan" that Environment Agency wants to leave.

The bell of Senko-ji Temple has famously told time to this vicinity as "Bell" since Genroku Era. It was written, "Do not toll the bell."

In the upper part of this bell, the mantra of 100 Brahman character characters and five Satoru Buddha's seed are rilievi.