Ohmi-Hachiman City is in the center part of Shiga Prefecture. The West Lake that extends to northeastern is called a Suigou in wetlands in the Yoshi field. Surroundings in Oumi-Hachiman City prospered from of old as the east and west traffic of Biwako.

Origin and history of Suigou and Hachiman-yama in Azuchi Hachiman

Toyotomi-Hidetsugu made the bourg in the foot in the Hachiman-yama castle in 1585 in Warring States Period. It is famous because the Hachiman moat to Biwako was built through the West Lake. A free trade such as Rakuichi-rakuza is done from recent, and it has developed along the Hachiman moat after the castle of abolition.

Details where deserted Hachiman castle and Hachiman merchant were born

Toyotomi-Hidetsugu moved to the Owari Kiyosu castle of one million Koku by distinguished services of the Odawara subjugation in 1590. Afterwards, Kyogoku-Takatsugu became a lord in the Hachiman castle.

When Kyogoku-Takatsugu moved to the Otsu castle in 1595, the Hachiman castle became a deserted castle. As for this age and Toyotomi-Hidetsugu, they were made to commit harakiri suicide by Toyotomi-Hideyoshi in Koyasan.

Therefore, the merchant under the castle developed a new market by himself/herself by the loss of protection from the castle and the privilege, shouldering the shouldering pole, and the union of the quotient corps and going out to the whole country to peddle. Thus, Omi-Hachiman was reborn to the town that had centered on the merchant.

Suigou in Azuchi Hachiman and access to Hachiman-yama

They are from Kyoto Stations in the JR Biwako line from Maihara Station to Station of Omi-Hachiman of about 20 minutes to about 30 minutes in the JR Biwako line.

It is from high-speed Ryuo interchanges in Tomei to the Oumi-Hachiman City to about 20 minutes.

Map in the vicinity of Omi-Hachiman

Suigou (Riverside district) in Azuchi Hachiman

Round in Suigou and tour boat

Round in riverside district and tour boat

Here is one of the rounds in a Japanese three major Suigou (Riverside district) that queue up with Yanagawa in Fukuoka Prefecture and Itako in Ibaraki Prefecture. This ship is a tour boat of the round in the Suigou. They were getting on of 16 people with there were a roof and a window and the outboard machine. The charge was 2100 yen a person.

The Chomei-ji river goes back and it goes to the paste in the west. It will come round slowly at about 12km in all processes in about one hour.

Reaches the "West Lake"

Reaches the lake in the west

It goes out to "West Lake" when going up in the Chomei-ji river. Old times are reclaimed everything and do not exist now though were in this east the lake in a lake in Azuchi and an Italian garden. I hear that "West Lake" that existed most in the west remained therefore. I hear that depth was about 1.5m.

A vast Yoshi field remains in the lakefront and it seems to be processed to [yoshizu] etc.This reed reaps with the machine and is processed. The reed and the weed of the rubbish that remains back are burnt out with the harmful insect and seem to become beautiful Yoshi fields every year.

As shown in this photograph, "Mt. Azuchi" (199m), "Mt.Kinugasa", and "Mt. Kanonji" (433m) are seen from the north east of "West Lake".

Huge sluice that was on the way of Chomei-ji river

Huge sluice that was on the way of Chomei-ji Temple river

It is a huge sluice that was on the way of the Chomei-ji river. A splendid building is on the sluice. For what do you use it? It is too splendid for the meeting space in the region.

Climb Hachiman-yama (Hachiman castle)

Ropeway of Hachiman-yama

Ropeway of Hachiman-yama

It is a ropeway of Hachiman-yama. It will be possible to go from 25 capacity, adult round trip 700 yen, and the the foot of a mountain to the top of a mountain in about four minutes. There are a Hachiman ruins of a castle in the top of a mountain.

The Hachiman castle was fortified with Toyotomi-Hidetsugu in 1585. Honmaru was made in the Hachiman-yama top part of above sea level about 272m, and Ninomaru, Nishinomaru, and Demaru were arranged. Only the stone wall remains now.

Zuiryuji-temple has been built in the mark of Honmaru. This temple was built in Murakumo of Kyoto by mother of Toyotomi-Hidetsugu (elder sister of Hideyoshi) to hold a funeral for Hidetsugu in 1596. It is a temple of the Nichiren buddhism dismantled and reconstructed from Kyoto to this Hachiman-yama in 1961.

View from top of a mountain to east side

View from top of a mountain to east side

It is possible to look about a lake and an old bourg from the top of a mountain to Biwako and the west four seasons occasional, etc.This photograph is seeing of the east side from the top of a mountain. "West Lake" and Mt.Azuti and the Oumi-Hachiman City are seen.

As for Oumi-Hachiman City, the road is arranged like the "chess board". Generally, the urban area in the bourg is a purpose to refuse the foreign enemy's invasion. It is usual that the road is complex.

It is said that the reason that became it like this is that it gives priority to the business of Omi-Hachiman.