Method of purging air of air conditioner

When installing air-conditioning, it is necessary to pull out air in the piping pipe. Otherwise, moisture air and in air remains in the refrigerative, and it influences the movement of the air conditioner. It influences the longevity of the air conditioner because of use for a long time.

Method of purging air of air conditioner

It is a method of driving out in piping and air and moisture in the indoor unit when the separates type air conditioner is installed. The air purging is to drive out air in piping.

Vacuum pump method

Manifold balve for R410A gas

To prevent the envirommental destruction, this method is recommended.

Only it is to pull out air and moisture, it is not necessary to make it to the high vacuum especially. The vacuum pump is removed and the valve of the air conditioner is opened when ending.

Method driven out by external gas

It is a method to drive out air in piping with an outside gas cylinder gas. This method had been used well in old times.

The gas cylinder is connected with the service port (It is a three-way valve and a pipe side of usually fat one), the flare nut of the pipe (It is a two-way valve and usually thin one) on the other side is loosened while injecting the gas, and air is driven out.

When installing it, you may not tighten and loosen the flare nut of this pipe beforehand when putting it without tightening. It causes the gas leakage when doing many times.

Method driven out with internal gas

It is a method to drive out air in piping with the gas in the air conditioner. The manufacturer is not recommending this method now. It is usually this method when buying it in the discount house. Anyway, it is easy. (The number of gases decreases when this is done at each transfer.)

Allen wrench is inserted in the valve in not attached (It is a two-way valve and a thin piping side) the service port after it installs air-conditioning, the valve is opened 90 times, and it closes a valve at about six seconds.

All air is discharged pushing rubber of the service port (piping side where the three-way valve is fat) by Allen wrench etc. Afterwards, both valves are opened.

It was a method that the manufacturer recommended before. I do not think that there is a wonderful difference though it is likely to differ from the manufacturer this method and a little according to the model.

Notes when air purge is done