Method of charging with gas of air conditioner

The advanced technique is necessary for the replenishment of the air conditioner gas (gas charge). Especially, R410A of a new refrigerative is two kinds of mixed refrigerants, and it is necessary to note it variously because pressure is high.

Kind and character of air conditioner gas

The kind of the gas used with a domestic air conditioner is as follows. It is hardly sold that the thing of mixed refrigerants of HFC-R410A (new refrigerative) uses HCFC-R22 in the main current recently.

Kind of gas Composition
Boiling point Pressure Ozone
R410A(HFC) R32---50%
-51.7 degree C
-48.1 degree C
About 1.6 times
(R22 ratio)
0 5/16 inches
R22(HCFC) R22--100% -40.8 degree C 1.0 0.05 1/4 inches

Gas charge method (procedure)

Manifold balve for R410A gas

Additional replenishment of the gas of the air conditioner cannot been basically done. Especially, because the inverter air conditioner is very severe the amount of the gas, the judgment whether having neatly entered in additional replenishment is difficult. Moreover, because the humidity mixing ratio of two kinds of gases had changed, it was said that it was not able to add it basically for the gas leakage in the air conditioner of a new refrigerative. However, it adds and it doesn't care when the amount in which the refrigerative is put is a little. (There is no problem in reality even if it is a lot of. )

The basic gas charge method pulls out all gases (The gas is collected) and puts only a regulated amount while weighing the gas.

It drives in air-conditioning. Doing the air-conditioning driving is also a difficult model, and has become the cause of a difficult thing during winter.

It puts after the measurement that can measure the gas cylinder to the unit of 100g or less and the hose with a yellow center of the gauge manifold like this photograph is connected with the gas cylinder while weighing it. Next, the hose that the low-tension side is blue (Red on a high-pressure side is not cared either) is connected with the service port of the pipe in fat one. The gas cylinder and the valve of the manifold are opened ahead of this a little and air in the hose is driven out.

Only a regulated amount puts the gas with the liquid little by little by operating a valve while doing the air-conditioning driving. When it reaches a regulated amount, the valve of the gas cylinder is closed. (At this time, not to leave the gas in the hose and to put it, the valve on a thin pipe side is closed by air-conditioning driving. )

The gas canister gets cold and the gas doesn't enter during winter easily. This is one of the causes that the gas charge during winter is difficult. At that time, the gas cylinder is warmed by lukewarm water. Do not warm it directly by the fire.

I think it is difficult if the operation is difficult, and the movement of the air conditioner is not understood though there is a method to do by heating driving, too. The way might be understood even if it doesn't say if it understands oppositely. The gas cylinder is made inverse without putting it with the gas and a recent new refrigerative gas is put with the liquid without fail. This is because the humidity mixing ratio changes when evaporating in the gas because of two kinds of mixed gases.

Way when additional amount of gas is indefinite

When effective is a little bad, time and cost might be wasted to putting the whole quantity pulling out (Collect it) and again of all gases. Additional replenishment of the gas is done at this time.

It is not necessary to worry so much strictly because there is a character not to be able to separate easily when the gas that the boiling point looks like is mixed once when the gas comes off little by little though a lot of gases of R32 in one with a low boiling point are sure to have come off. Moreover, even if the ratio of gases changes, the lower performance seems to be a little according to the manufacturer.

Method of judging whether gas is regulated amount. The way that the manufacturer recommends is as follows.

Only when it is possible to obtain it, the characteristic table where the model of the manufacturer is detailed is limited by the outside temperature degree and the model to become it these regulated values because it is various.

I have been doing by the following methods since the time of the gas of R22. The confirmation of the amount of the gas with the inverter air conditioner does the compressor by the maximum amount of the wind of the indoor unit it as much as possible in full power.

There is a possibility of not going well, too, when the outside temperature changes though it seems to be able to charge with the gas well by this method. I think that you should do as much as possible at the midsummer. In the gas charge, stopping it in the place in which it is thought few a little is a miso. Any overcharge doesn't have the merit.

Notes when gas is charged