Method of installing water supply joint of washing machine

There is often an example that leaks water from this water tap collaboration though the water tap collaboration (water supply joint) is installed in the faucet of water service by the washing machine and the dishwasher and it uses it. It explains how to install the water tap collaboration that doesn't leak water.

The washing machine and the faucet have been connected with the water supply joint and the hose.

water supply joint

To connect the automatic washing machine to water service, as follows is done. The water tap collaboration (water supply joint) like this photograph has placed to the washing machine that buys it. The hose is one-touch connected by removing the upper part of this photograph and installing it in the faucet of water service with the screw. The other end of this hose screws in in the washing machine and it installs it.

Of course, it connects it by using it if the water tap collaboration or the thing that belongs to it was installed beforehand.

How to faucet to install water supply joint

Water supply joint

It has some knacks in how to the faucet to install the water supply joint. First of all, do not remove this because the seal is pasted to a new water supply joint. After it turns in the direction tightened by about one rotation of immediately before turning the lower half to the left and coming off-, it installs it because the water supply joint removed once doesn't have this seal.

After four screws of the water supply joint are evenly loosened, it inserts it in the faucet. The point of the faucet is touched with rubber black in the water supply joint.

When the diameter of the faucet is large, inside plastic becomes obstructive, and the faucet doesn't enter, this is removed.

Four screws are evenly tightened while pressing the water supply joint up so that it may stick to the gasket of the plughole metal fittings the faucet ahead. Please look come in contact well ahead and the gasket of the faucet well. At this time, they need not stick strongly.

The addition and subtraction that tightens this screw is a difficult point. Not tightening too much and tightening loosely are the knacks. The failure that is often is tightening of this screw too much. There is often an example of tightening too much, the opening of the hole in the faucet, and the water leak.

When the installation screw is tightened, the entire under is turned and tightened in the clock circumference with the lower half of the water supply joint. You may tighten strongly at this time. Ahead and the gasket of the faucet are made to tighten strongly and to stick. A top and bottom of water supply joint space is made to remain still a little after it tightens. If this space doesn't remain, sticking with the gasket might be not good no matter how it tightens.

Next, the water supply hose is installed. The hose can be installed with the click by pushing the whole up while reducing a lock part and an integral moving part of the entry of the hose below. The lock lever is made to hang in the saliva of the water supply joint.

It is confirmed not to find the water leak.

The plughole is gradually opened while seeing whether there is in each part the water leak. It is likely to leak water a little, and make the water service stopping an opening as it is first, please. The gasket in the water supply joint doesn't work well if hydraulic pressure doesn't hang. The water leak is sure to stop if pressure hangs.

It examines and it deals with the water leak part when leaking water here. It is time when it is bad the faucet in case of the opening of the hole in the faucet when the installation of the water supply joint is bad when leaking from the upper part of the water supply joint.

When water leaks between the water supply joint and the hose, the pressure hoses are exchanged. At that time, please exchange the water supply joints for attention. There might be a transformation etc.

Joint faucets with auto-stop feature

Joint faucets with auto-stop feature

The water supply hose might come off during one's absence, water become, and a large amount of leakages and rooms become soddenness though it is actually hardly because the water supply hose doesn't come off easily. The water supply stopping collaboration with an auto stopper that automatically intercepts water even if the hose like this photograph comes off to prevent this is marketed.

It is safe also in case of emergency if this is put. When this operates, the hose can be installed if the valve of the faucet is closed, and the place from which the point went out is pushed.