How to pump down air conditioner gas (At detaching)

When the air conditioner is detached or is transferred, the down of the pump of the refrigerative gas (collection) is necessary. Otherwise, the gas is discharged into an atmospheric inside. When installing it again, it costs useless cost to charge the gas.

Correct method of detaching air conditioner (Pump down procedure)

Manifold balve for R410A gas

So as not to discharge the gas into the atmosphere when the air conditioner is detached, the gas is collected to the outdoor machine. This is called a down of the pump. It introduces the general correct method.

When the pump can be downed by this method, the refrigerant oil can be collected in piping almost completely. If it is this method, you seem may divert piping though the piping of the model that uses the refrigerative of HCFC-R22 is supposed not to be able to be usually diverted to the model of new refrigerative HFC-R410A. However, piping is two-kind copper pipe (highest use pressure 4.30MPa) for R410A, and should not have remarkable deterioration. And, it is a self-responsibility though admits the manufacturer according to the model.

If piping is not diverted, it should not be driving of about 15 minutes. Moreover, the pressure of the service port that adheres to a fat pipe closes the down of the pump and when it becomes it (about one minute), 0.1MPa(1kgf/cm^2) closes the valve on a fat pipe side as follows. It is not necessary to do until vacuuming forms. Air may not enter the pipe when making it to the vacuum usually. (The driving time of the compressor is adjusted to about 45 seconds when there is no pressure gauge. The compressor stopped and there was a breaking thing when lengthening it too much. )

Method of air-conditioner driving when outside temperature degree is low

The trial run switch is turned on according to the model.

There is a model that cannot drive air-conditioning at cold time. At that time, the room temperature sensor of the indoor unit (thermistor) is warmed with the drier etc.It goes well even if it does by the thermistor part's warming the patty and coming by it.

When you cannot drive air-conditioner (The pump is downed)

When the air conditioner is detached, air-conditioning might not be able to be driven. That time introduces the method devised by me. However, even if the equipment breaks down, I do not assume the responsibility as a result because this method is an irregular method. Please do in own responsibility.

It seems to be able to collect the refrigerative gas without trouble by this method. Though it leaks just a little.

Notes when pump is downed

Kind and character of air conditioner gas

The kind of the gas used with a domestic air conditioner is as follows. It is hardly sold that the thing of mixed refrigerants of HFC-R410A (new refrigerative) uses HCFC-R22 in the main current recently.

Kind of gas Composition
Pressure Ozone depleting
Service port
R410A(HFC) R32---50%
-51.7 degree C
-48.1 degree C
About 1.6 times
(R22 ratio)
0 5/16 inches
R22(HCFC) R22--100% -40.8 degree C 1.0 0.05 1/4 inches