Great Wall (The Badaling)

I visited to "The Badaling" where it was able to go easily as sightseeing based on Beijing in Great Wall. The Badaling is the one repaired in the age of discernment. The route has steeper of two hills where the inclination of the rise is sudden when advancing two to the left hand, and has the gentle ascent where it walks easily when advancing to the right hand. It walked in steeper of two hills with a good view according to the recommendation of the guide because the gentle ascent was crowded.

Great Wall (The Badaling)

I visited the cheap trip to Beijing that the Yomiuri travel recruited for four days. It came round five World Heritage of "Ming Tombs", "Great Wall", "Summer Palace", "National Palace Museum", and "Temple of Heaven Park".

Here is a gentle ascent district seen from famous steeper of two hills of The Badaling in Great Wall. The gentle ascent was very crowded because it had gone on Sunday. (taking a picture June 6, 2010)

It is the one by smog that seems that the haze sets in. China is stuffy and view has worsened because of smog. It is not a fog it but because humidity is low, seems to smog though thought the fog first. Bai seems to join this in spring and not to see scenery easily by Great Wall.

The length castle continues here east at about as much as 2000km. There seem to be as much as 6000 a km as a whole.

Guide of Great Wall (The Badaling)


It is 75km, from the Beijing city to the northwest.


For about one hour by using the expressway from the Beijing city by car


To prevent the north different race's invasion in the age of surroundings, it is built, and Hata's Shih-huang-ti connects the length castle with the back and it has extended to the west. In that case, the huge cost and a lot of sacrifices were accompanied and it was built. However, the race who built the origin and Qing Dynasty invades China easily getting over the length castle and has destroyed the former dynasty.


Sport-type shoes and the drinking water are indispensable to the climb in the mountain. You will not drink tap water in the life in China unlike Japan. Please take the bought drinking water.

The rest room is charged also in the length castle though it is. Finish in the rest room in the nether plaza because there is no paper.

The stall will be high the price where, and buy neither the drinking water nor the souvenir here.

Great Wall (The Badaling)

Great Wall (The Badaling)

Here seeming is the maximum diagonal degree about 60 degrees in the steep slope in The Badaling. It is a cliff ..seeing from on certainly... However, I was able to get off without having the handrail at all.

The height of the rampart of about The Badaling in Great Wall seems to be an area that five horses advance 7.8m in average it, about 5.8m upper width, and queuing up. The bottom, the side, and the upper surface are brick masonries in the material of the length castle, and the inside seems to have tamped the soil. However, it is not easy to make this. It is only made to feel admiration

Great Wall (further west side from four south towers of The Badaling)

Great Wall (The Badaling)

From 4 south towers of steeper of two hills to further length castle on the west sideIt seems to lead here to the west at the length and as much as 2000km.

There seem to be above the sea as many as 1000m place in four south towers. The temperature seems to be lower and about as many as 5℃ to be also lower than the Beijing city. The time required from the plaza below to here is about 30 minutes. It becomes a moderate movement.

A comparatively gradual place is a usual slope though a sudden place in the length castle becomes like the stairs. It seems to become a suspension of traffic because it enters the state of the slide if it snows.