Trip to Beijing (From the Okayama airport to Beijing by way of Tairen)

I went to the four-day tour of Beijing cheap Yomiuri travel recruited. I came round five World Heritage Sites of "Ming Tombs" and "Great Wall" and "Summer Palace" and "Palace Museum" and "Temple of Heaven Park".(June, 2010)

To Beijing by Airbus A320 aircraft of China Eastern Airlines

Airbus A320 aircraft of China Eastern Airlines

A320 of the Europe Airbus Co. is a commercial passenger plane for the neighborhood and the medium range. It is an advanced technology passenger transport that adopted the digital, fly-by-wire control system for the first time as a civilian plane. The number of seats is about 150 seats.

The Okayama airport was left by the MU2014 flight on June 5th 14:40 in overcapacity, and it arrived at Tairen at 16 local o'clock in time after about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The time difference between China (Beijing and Tairen) and Japan is one hour, and the clock is delayed for one hour.

Japanese is not guided inside the plane at all though it is an aircraft of the Japan departure. It is only Chinese and English. There is no tour conductor because it is cheap.

It entered a country in China in Tairen, it would leave by same airplane of the domestic flight in about one hour, and it arrived at Beijing around 18 o'clock. Naturally, Japanese is not announced in the airport in China either. The guide broadcasting and the direction board are noted at the transfer.

This photograph is the one when arriving at the Beijing airport. It moved to the arrival lobby by bus distinguishing the person who got on from Okayama and the person who had gotten on from Tairen in the Beijing airport. It is because luggage should distinguish the international flight treatment and the domestic flight treatment.

There were two people wrong here in the arrival lobby of the domestic flight treatment, and the airport hung and time hung extra for as much as one hour though all members (16 people) gathered vastly in the origin of the guide. The person who will go in the future should often note it. It doesn't get on the bus at once. The guide when getting off original and the aircraft is bad. It was said, only "Okayama and Okayama" and had the placard written OKAYAMA. It only has to be written "The person from Okayama stands by here" or "Stay Here From OKAYAMA".

Shangli-La Hotel Beijing

Shangli-La Hotel Beijing

This is a Shangli-La Hotel Beijing where we stayed. It is a splendid five hotel in the star for a cheap travel (all cost about 49,800 yen) on the fourth three night stay. Location northwest of the Palace Museum is about 9km, is about 2km west of Beijing Zoo. It changed suddenly to here originally though it was a staying schedule to the Sheraton hotel.

We are three night stays every the 17th floor of 24 storiesIn the room, it is wide and commanding is preeminent. It had both the stall shower and the bathtub. There was terminal LAN for the Internet, too.

Do not drink tap water in China according to the guide of Chinese's Japanese because water was hard water. I hear that only the lavatory was free though one person two-drinking waters (It is written Free) with free PET bottle 330cc had been put on the hotel every day according to Mr./Ms. Lee of the guide. (Maybe, the place in the bed is also free. )

Breakfast never abundantly meant the kind and the amount as Viking. Because it was about 220 yuan a person only in breakfast, it is about 3,000 yen in Japanese yen. However, it may not worry about you because this is included in the travel cost.

Viaduct of meeting with a view to marriage in front of shop of jade

Viaduct of meeting with a view to marriage in front of shop of jade

The viaduct where a wooden roof existed on the road in front of the shop that sold the jade hung. The man seems to walk from the left side, to walk from the right side by the woman, and to meet it with a view to marriage in this photograph at the center.

It is called gem , and in jade, it is half transparent jewel of the jade, and popularity is a high jewel in China from of old.

Both dividing of the stone that is called "Jade" into "Jade augite" and "Nephrite" from the difference of the chemical composition mineralogical, and not the distinction attaching by externals though both are another completely minerals are called "Jade".

It went to the shop of the plant tour of the shop of the cloisonne grilling and the jade and the silk groups and direct sales a lot though there was no method because it was a cheap travel. The silk mattress was bought for I and the wife because it seemed may be cheap. It uses it every day after it returns.

Sampling tea and shopping for tea

Sampling tea and shopping for tea

We went to the tea shop that was able to be sampled with the tea experience. we were allowed to sample a variety of kinds of Chinese tea one after another with tea-things of the home.

It was felt that it was delicious even though any was drunk by a changeable taste. In one tea, it was the interesting one that there is bitter a little that two coarse tea, three coarse tea, and the tastes changed.

It was variously also in tea-things, there was something that the handle of tea-things becomes gay hues by the temperature of tea, and it bought it because it was unusual.

There was something to which Manneken Pis turned on water in water that cooled the image that Manneken Pis is small in an unusual point when it soaked and a hot hot water was sprinkled on and it.

It is high tea did not buy anything though bought with the souvenir because it was not so good though had bought by the trip to Shanghai before. I think that tea in Japan is delicious.

As for the currency of China, 1,000 yen becomes about 73 yuan in the origin. One yuan was about 17.3 yen. There seemed to be no obstacle because it was able to use Japanese yen in the souvenir shop even if it did not separately exchange it for the origin. However, you will exchange about 10,000 5,000 yen-yen for the origin because there is the one that it is possible to buy it only in the origin, too.

Sichuan food (lunch on Sunday, June 07)

Sichuan food

Meals other than the hotel are lunches and suppers. This is four river dish of the lunch on June 7. There are a lot of one with thick taste, four river dish is not so appropriate for a Japanese mouth or a lot of amounts have remained.

There was the disappearing one, too, when it was very delicious, and ate eight people the Hiroshi east Chinese tea and snacks, the Yamanishi dish, Peking duck, and the Beijing dish. It becomes an overeating a little while traveling and weight has increased because it is delicious.

In general, the one of the Chinese cuisine appropriate for a Japanese mouth seems to be abundant though food is unpalatable in traveling abroad. It was possible to go cheaply in the China travel, and I wanted to go during cheapness.

Small electric vehicle only for physically handicapped person

Small electric vehicle

This photograph seems to be the small size three wheel car that runs by the electricity only for the physically handicapped person. I hear that a general person for only was not ridable, and a physically handicapped person in this car according to the person (Mr.Lee) who guided it in China.

The car, the bicycle, and the motorcycle that runs by electricity are widespread in China, and it is understood that it is very a lot of compared with Japan. I hear that there were a lot of traffic accidents because there was not a sound and either it ran a considerable speed.

The motorcycle thought whether the dead went out when the person who was covered of the helmet was not seen, and the accident happened. The driving manners were very bad and feeling of lawless area in a Japanese sense.



This photograph is a taxi of the bicycle seen near the chin harmony garden. The guest is of two people like getting on. see thisHowever, it seems to need power to drive this considerably.

Such a bicycle and the cart thought that there were quite a lot of moving by electricity though this seemed not to be electric. It is not possible do spread and to know sooner or later even in Japan though a self-propelled bicycle is not admitted in Japan.

Various things are sold to the other party of the tourist on the road. No one seems to have bought it though the cherry seemed to be delicious. In the unusual one, the U.S. cake (It is the one if it said in Japan to have hardened the Pong cake) with a big nut was sold by the piece.