Biconical Antenna

Biconical Antenna is what it gradually makes to fat while going to both ends in the element of the dipole aerial and the cone risked it. Wideband characteristics are obtained by making it to such a structure. As for this, the antenna named AWX that adjusts the element of the dipole aerial to two and puts the angle is also easily imaginable from wideband.

What is Biconical Antenna?

"Bi" of biconical means two. Such is the meaning of the conical cone. Will be a cone-shaped antenna that is two pieces.

The structure in a conical conductor called Monoconical. What became a disc while the other one conical, Discone (disc cone antenna) is called.

Wideband characteristics of Biconical Antenna

Biconical antenna has a very broadband performance. Biconical antenna made of a precision 30MHz-300MHz VHF are wide ranging with those characteristics.

Photograph of Biconical Antenna

Biconical Antenna

Because Biconical Antenna was found by chance in the vicinity of the top of "Awaji-hana-sajiki", it has taken in the photograph while traveling. Moreover, being seemed for VHF five was a stack. Moreover, there was 5 piece stack of Biconical Antenna that seemed it for UHF, too. There might be a stack gain of about 4dB if it is 5 piece stack. It is a very luxurious for usage for the reception.

I hear that this antenna was remote azimuth measurement of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications equipment (DEURAS-D). The spectrum user fee that an amateur wireless family of us and the electric wave user in the broadcasting station etc. are paying is maintained as fiscal resources.

Many Receiving station that sets it up in rooftops etc. of various places in the whole country in the iron tower and the building is connected with the center bureau that sets it up in integrated each Communication Bureau in various places by a high-speed, digital lease line etc. and it is composed with the remote azimuth measurement equipment.

As for the range of the measurement frequency, it is wide, and the automatic monitoring is also possible with 25MHz-3GHz. An unlawful wireless station that gives interference and other obstructions to wireless telecommunications including the mobile communication to which the spread has rapidly expanded is observed.

Directivity and gain and others of Biconical Antenna

It becomes an omnidirectional antenna if keeping vertical because Biconical Antenna becomes a transformation of the dipole aerial. It becomes the direction characteristic of the character of eight if keeping the horizontal.

The nature like many does a little though it becomes about 4dB compared with the dipole because the gain of Biconical Antenna has the product displayed as 6dBi.

As for the gain, it actually puts on the car even if it is not large so much and QSB (fading) seems to be few when using it. The ratio that the electric wave strengthens and weakens in a word is small.

Impedance of Biconical Antenna

The impedance of the feeding point of Biconical Antenna is usually made to become to 50Ω. When the vertical angle of the conical geometry is enlarged, impedance becomes small.

It becomes a dipole aerial if it reduces it to the utmost limit. When this vertical angle is enlarged because the impedance of the feeding point of the dipole aerial is about 73Ω to 50Ω easily imaginable.