Experiment on self-made antenna for wireless LAN

Domestic wireless LAN did not have the electric wave according to the room and had the room that the personal computer was not able to make use of. The loop antenna that it is easy how it to was effective was made by oneself and the effect was seen though an external antenna was marketed.

One wavelength loop antenna installed in wireless LAN a main phone was very effective for me. It seemed not to be so effective when putting it on the card of the cordless handset.

Please ..electric wave method violation vicinity.. ..rolling.. ..[su].. stop using this antenna. If only wireless equipment that receives technological standard certification of conformity is used, it is OK. A no potato of this proof is a violation of the electric wave method to the marketed commodity. It strictly becomes a violation only except the coaxial cable. Please restrict it to the experiment.

Manufacturing method(state of installation of wireless LAN)

wireless LAN

Because generation of heat is large and the temperature rise is large, the main phone is hung on the wall of the gush mouth of the air cleaner. The air cleaner is always driven because of the moderate wind.

The cover above was removed, and the loop antenna was applied directly. This antenna has the directivity. It is a right-angled direction in the wall for the photograph. Moreover, the polarized electromagnetic radiation becomes the electric wave of the horizontally-polarized wave.

Main---Melco It is WLAR-128 and it is DSU TA assistant to ISDN.

Software is changed and only wireless LAN part is used with ADSL.

loop antenna

As a whole, it does about a completed loop antenna. The loop part is 12.5cm a wavelength of 2.4GHz. When connected part is included, the loop part is about 0.5cm longer from the experience of amateur radio because length is a little better than one wavelength.

2C-2V of the video cable was used because there was not qualifying the coaxial cable. It is 4.2cm per 1/2 wavelength as shortening rate 0.67. The reason for the impedance of the cable is that it is so unrelated if it is integral multiples of 1/2 wavelength.

It can be thought that the dipole aerial of 1/2 wavelength is connected in the point, and the principle of operation of the loop antenna of one wavelength was made a stack of two steps. It operates easily and well. Is the gain about 2dB in the comparison with the dipole?Because the dipole is 2.15dBi, it is 4dBi title.


It devised it with the cable of 2C-2V because there were neither a connector nor a cable though it only had to apply the connector named UM-QJ-1.5 for 1.5D-2V the cable ahead.

The person that there is not a cable of 2C-2V either can use the cable of RF SWITCH that ties to the television of the family computer of old Nintendo.

First of all, it processes cabling ahead as shown in the photograph, and it pants, do the prick of the [machi] needle while no [shin], and it enlarges a hole about the wick line of the stranded wire. Next, the awl is pierced to the hole and it enlarges a hole further.

Externals of polyethylene are fit in the hole in the antenna terminal of wireless LAN card by the wise dispensation of Providence each other. It is possible to connect it with the wick line of the same ax well.


It is a macro photography in the point of the cable. The wick line and the braided wire can be connected well, and it doesn't come off easily. The output cost is almost 0.

Self-responsibility of this experiment, please. Even if LAN card breaks, I do not take the responsibility.