Difference between distributor and splitter (usage and notes)

The name looks like the distributor and the splitter (divider) well. Moreover, because the usage looks like, too it is likely to be used it without understanding the usage well, and by mistake. It thought about the distributor and the splitter.

What is the distributor? (The distributor evenly divides the signal.)

The distributor evenly divides an electric signal. If they are four distributors, the signal is evenly divided into four. The signal of the size as which any output signal is the same is output.

What divided into 1/4 per four output terminal is output in case of four distribution. Because the signal level from the output terminal has the distribution loss, it becomes 1/4 or less of the input signals.

Usage and notes of distributor

Because the distributor is an equipment that evenly divides the radio-frequency signal (signal of the electric wave), it is generally used for the usage in which the signal from the antenna is evenly divided into each room back of the ceiling at home.

The loss in the distributor increases by the frequency high. Moreover, the more it increases the distributed number, the more the signal weakens. Therefore, it can enjoy making it to the minimum requirement in the number of distribution and it enjoy a more beautiful image and the sound.

There is the indoor type of of the type distributed the waterproof type and indoors of the type distributed in on the roof and outdoor distributor. Please note that moisture and water enter, and longevity contracts if the indoor type is used in outdoor though you may indoors use the waterproof type.

What is the splitter?(The splitter separates by using the difference of the frequency of the signal.)

The splitter separates by using the difference of the frequency of the signal while the distributor evenly divides the signal. In a word, it is an equipment divided into a signal that is higher than a certain frequency and a low signal. Contents are the high-pass filters and low-pass filters. The band-pass filter in addition to the above-mentioned filter is used in case of three-minute wave.

Usage and notes of splitter

All the television signals are generally mixed and the signal of the wall terminal for the television is transmitted by one coaxial cable. Moreover, it is general that the antenna input terminal of the television has two of VHF/UHF and BS/CS antenna terminals. Therefore, "splitter" that separates the signal is used.

There is often a case to use the distributor instead of the splitter. Thus, it is necessary to note that the reception level lowers to the distributor compared with the splitter because the loss is large. The loss of a usual splitter is about 2dB-4dB. The loss of the distributor is about 4dB-10dB for two distributors. Of course, the distributor can be used instead of the splitter in case of enough strength of the electric wave.

The splitter cannot be used instead of the distributor. Please do not buy the splitter by mistake with will the distributor it.

Difference between general mixer and splitter

The structure of the splitter might be able to be used as a mixer if it connects it oppositely because it is almost the same as a general mixer. In a word, a general mixer and the splitter are structurally the same. Because contents are the high-pass filters, the low-pass filters, and band-pass filters, it is natural.

However, because the mixer might be used on the roof, it is necessary to use the waterproof type in that case. The waterproof type of the splitter is sure not to be marketed.