BS antenna indoor mounting bracket

Because the BS table clamp of the offset type was produced only for the room to receive the satellite broadcasts well to use the BS antenna indoors, it introduces it though the BS antenna is usually used in outdoor.

Necessity of the indoor installation metal fittings for BS antenna

The offset type I think that I want to use it indoors as BS is temporarily received though the BS antenna is the one usually using it in outdoor. In that case, the BS table clamp for outdoor can be used. However, the BS converter comes to dash out to the front when it is BS table clamp for outdoor, and it is located in the place where the parabolic antenna part considerably parts from the window by all means. Then, it is not likely to be able to receive it well by the satellite electric wave's being interrupted in the part in eaves  in the window and eaves.

Then, when the BS antenna is knocked down back 90 times, the back and forth is reversed, and the bowl of the parabola is shortly horizontally arranged, the BS converter is located in the upper part of the parabola. If it is this, the parabolic antenna part can be arranged in the close vicinity of the window.

It doesn't embarrass with location when this antenna is arranged in the bow window that faces the south and the west of the room and it is possible to set it up easily.

Outline of produced indoor installation metal fittings and BS antenna

It is a photograph of the indoor installation metal fittings and the BS antenna that this produced. Metal fittings bought in the do-it-yourself store and made the pipe and parts that rolled plastic in surroundings of the iron pipe of the brand name called PVC pipe tubing. It is possible to make it only from a money switching off saw and special adhesive.

It is an easy structure only of putting up the foot and foot rubber to it by arranging PVC pipe tubing in T type though understands if it sees this photograph. Height seems to be low and stability to be also good.

The part where an original BS antenna is installed on vertical mast is installed on the horizontal pipe of this metal fittings. If the back of metal fittings is not raised about ten times, it is not possible to adjust it in high latitudes (elevation 25-35 degrees) such as Tohoku and Hokkaido though the problem is not in this part in the vicinity of Okayama (elevation 42.3 degrees) even if it is the horizontal. Okinawa Prefecture (elevation 50-55 degrees) can adjust it as it is.

When this metal fittings are made the horizontal, it makes it to the position of the adjustment of the elevation of an original parabola (90 - Elevation). Moreover, the back of metal fittings is adjusted to the position when the degree is raised ten (80 - Elevation). If the whole country Japan corresponds, you will raise the back of metal fittings ten times.

(I think that I can receive it even in high latitudes such as Tohoku and Hokkaido if this antenna is seen from the back and it inclines it to the left. Because it is sure to receive it even by elevation 0 if 90 times are inclined to the left when it is extreme. Please teach when someone experiments and it goes well.)

The customer said that it wants to see BS with the indoor antenna has several-time whats with this is produced. It was very pleased. It is not producing it now.

Elevation and azimuthal of BS satellite seen from Japanese various places

Place Wakkanai Morioka Tokyo Nagoya Osaka Okayama Matsuyama Fukuoka Naha
Elevation 29.1 degrees 34.0 degrees 38.0 degrees 40.1 degrees 41.5 degrees 42.3 degrees 43.7 degrees 45. Twice 53.6 degrees
Azimuthal 220.9 degrees 223.4 degrees 224.4 degrees 221.5 degrees 220.0 degrees 217.9 degrees 217.0 degrees 213.9 degrees 215.9 degrees

In view of the center of the earth, the BS satellite is at the position about 6.6 times the radius of the earth in the synchronous satellite. Seem geostationary because it is at the position of the above the equator about 35,700km, and turns round the earth at the same speed as the spin of the earth when seeing from the earth.

It is said that an other position of the BS satellite is a direction of the sun on 2:00PM of vernal equinox or the Autumnal Equinox Day. Azimuthal 225 degrees are directions of the southwest.

What is the elevation?

The elevation is an angle that the glance that sees the object that is above from a horizontal plane does to a horizontal plane. Because it is an angle looked up at, it is said, "Elevation". When this angle is enlarged by feeling that sees the horizon, it becomes feeling at which it looks up with elevation 0.

What is azimuthal?

Azimuthal can show the direction by the numerical value in angular difference between directions that become a certain direction and standard. It usually takes the angle, and it shows in the clock surroundings by the unit of the second based on the north.

Adjustment of BS indoor antenna

If the antenna is turned in the direction of the southwest of the window side, and the position of the parabola is adjusted to the position like this photograph, the adjustment of the BS antenna can be received well. After the elevation of the parabola is adjusted, an azimuthal adjustment is done.

Please adjust it at the best position while seeing the television screen when it is possible to receive it. It goes well when the BS converter is rolled to adjust it accurately by the one that the towel or the handkerchief was dampened, and I make it just receive.

Anything will be able to be adjusted unquestionably if there is an electric field strength measuring instrument.

How to readjust BS indoor antenna

It is very easy to readjust the BS antenna adjusted once. The BS antenna is only moved so that the foot may come to the position if the seal etc. of the sign are pasted to the floor in the part located in the foot of metal fittings.

The adjustment is only an azimuthal adjustment of this antenna because there are another few houses in the same region and houses where the horizontal on the floor is bad even when using it in another room of the BS antenna. It is not necessary to adjust the elevation.

Influence on reception sensitivity with pane and curtain

The electric wave weakens a little by all means because the electric wave comes through the pane and the curtain when using it as an indoor antenna. In my experiment, the decrease in sensitivity seems not to worry if it is ordinary glass (Even the insulating glass :) and a curtain either. Street trees, eaves  on the outside, and gutters'(question) influences are more important.

It is possible to use it as an antenna for outdoor.

It is possible to use it by putting it on the veranda etc. as BS antenna for outdoor though this antenna was produced for the room. In that case, please complete the waterproof of F type connector in the coaxial cable connection part. Moreover, when the snow piles on the parabola, it is necessary to remove because the angle of the bowl of the parabola becomes the more horizontal than originally in the vicinity in the snowy country.

It comes to make this antenna metal fittings for 15 years to be near. None of people who had already done because it was an easy thing were able to find it though he or she examined on the Internet when would being. The device not unexpectedly considered is not done.