Phase lag feeding power antenna (HB9CV, ZL Special, and Swiss Quad)

The phase lag feeding power antenna is an antenna of profitable high interest in which it feeds power putting the phase lag at the same time by arranging two antenna elements or more a little separating. The simple structure is an antenna with a comparatively large gain.

What is the phase lag feeding power antenna?

The antenna that obtains a sharp directivity because two antenna elements or more are arranged a little separating, the phase lag is put at the same time, and it feeds power is called a phase lag feeding power antenna. It feeds power to two or more antennas in arranging the feeder cable to do the phase lag well though there are plural feeding point. It might look like Yagi and the Uda antenna on the face of things. However, the feeding power method is quite different.

HB9CV antenna

The representative of the phase lag feeding power antenna is HB9CV antenna. The call sign of the radio ham of Switzerland became the name of the antenna as it was.

The basis of the HB9CV antenna is the one having fed power by doing separate by 1/9-1/8 wavelength and arranging two elements of 1/2 wavelength of almost the same shape as the dipole aerial in parallel so that each element may become the opposite phase.

One of elements are lengthened because it makes it to a single directivity, and it is a little short, and lengthens the other element a little. There is a directivity on a short element side as well as Yagi Antenna.

Moreover, the gain can be raised by adding the element like Yagi Antenna. Be to be able to obtain a high gain thus even if the structure is easy and the feature to do small.

This antenna is a famous antenna, and has an enthusiastic lover in the amateur radio field. Because the adjustment is difficult, HB9CV seems not to be used for a business wireless so much.

ZL special antenna

The one with a turn dipole aerial is called ZL Special in the radiation element of the HB9CV antenna of the phase lag feeding power antenna instead of the dipole aerial.

The thickness of the element can grow because it is a dipole, and it use it from HB9CV in wideband by return. The ribbon feeder of 300Ω for the television reception was often used for this element.

ZL shows the prefix of the call sign of New Zealand. Because the radio ham of New Zealand had designed it, such a name was given.

Swiss Quad antenna

The phase lag one having fed power is said Swiss Quad or the HB9CV quad to a quadrangle of two elements one wavelength loop antenna. It is said that it is smaller than Cubical Quad of two elements and the directivity and the gain are higher.