Three-way switch, four-way switch

Three road switch and four road switch are switches that can at the same time be lit, and turned off from two places or more for one more lighting. For instance, the lighting of the stairs is lit with the switch under the stairs. Next, it is time when it turns it off with the switch that is up when arriving on the stairs.

If four road switch is added, even places how many can be operated to operate it in of course three places or more. It doesn't limit to the stairs and there might be doorways how many in big room. Even for that case, it is applicable.

3-way switch, 4-way switch circuit diagram (wiring diagram)

3-way switch, 4-way switch circuit diagram

First of all, so It explains the usage of three road switch. When three road switch is turned on on the stairs and under, it is understood that either switch can turn the circuit on and off by selecting two report electric wires after it attaches to three road switch and between below as shown in this figure.

Will you think that it is a circuit thought about very well though it is an easy circuit?

If four road switch is added between these report electric wires as shown in this figure, which of this report electric wire is selected can be changed to operate it in three places. If four road switch is similarly added, even places how many can be added for four places or more.

Three road switch:Actual wiring for four road switch.

Actual wiring 3-way switch, 4-way switch

It is difficult to see only the schematic diagram and to wire for three road switch and four road switch. It is more certain to do electrical work after an easily actual wiring diagram is drawn as shown in this figure.

A black electric wire of the power supply of 100V is gotten an electric shock with dindling when touching on the voltage side. Even if only this line is touched, it doesn't get an electric shock because a white electric wire is an earth side (earth side). Therefore, the switch is connected with an electric wire black on this voltage side.

Three main lines of VVF (It is said the VA line) are classified into three colors (the black, white, and red). The black is adjusted to the power supply side and a white, red line is made an extending line for the report of three road switch. Please think about the circuit of four road switch by deleting it when there is no four road switch.

Because wiring to four road switch is connected by four main lines, two VVF with the black and two white is used. Here, white is connected with white, and red that came from the black and three roads is connected. It automatically becomes wiring as shown in this figure.

I think that you should make it to this street when thinking the check later, and other people repair and check though wiring is possible even if the color of the electric wire is not this street.

The joint box is not one place like this, and might come in two places. At that time, the idea is the same.

Three road switch is a check, and:Repair of four road switch circuit.

The check and the repair when three road switch and four road switch circuit become trouble might be quite difficult when there are a lot of numbers of switches. It is because which switch is trouble cannot be specified only by operating the switch. In this case, all switches are removed, connection is seen or it is certain to exchange all switches. Especially, I think that it is certain and early to exchange all switches when sometimes becoming trouble.