Comparison of brightness of illuminator

Is it really so though the inverter illuminator is advertised, "It is bright and conservation of energy", "The flicker is few", "Light soon", and "The noise is low"?I was doubted for years. Because the wattmeter and the luminometer had been obtained this time, the comparison measurement was done as the thing of a usual stabilizer (Gros type).

Brightness comparison and result of a measurement of illuminator

Setting Brightness
Lux/W Lux/W
Inverter type
1 32W+30W
Bright setting
2100 101 0.93 0.80 75 28.0 1.20
2 32W+30W
Dark setting
1300 101 0.69 0.79 55 23.6 1.01
3 Only 32W
Bright setting
1080 101 0.53 0.78 42 25.7 1.10
Grow type
4 32W+30W 1850 101 1.31 0.60 79 23.4 1.00
5 Only 32W 920 101 0.70 0.60 42 21.9 0.94

As for the inverter illuminator, if it is the same power consumption compared with the illuminator of a usual stabilizer (Gros type), it is understood that it is about 20% bright as a result. However, when the apparatus of the inverter is used because of a dark setting, it can be said that neither the thing nor the efficiency of a usual stabilizer will change.

Brightness comparison and measuring method of illuminator

The inverter illuminator is HD8823T-R76 of the Japanese style hanging type of National, and 32W+30W. The illuminator of a usual stabilizer for the comparison (Gros type) is HD925 of the Japanese style hanging type of National, and 32W+30W.


I see ..about 20% bright.. if it is illuminator of a usual stabilizer (Gros type) power consumption as written in the catalog that is the more same compared with. the inverter illuminatorI see at it is time when this however is the most efficient when doing to the setting with dark brightness ..little change...

If it is a difference of such brightness, it is actually extent that doesn't understand even if it compares it. There are a lot of breakdowns, and the repair charge costs much in the illuminator of the inverter, too. I think that I cannot say that it is a too good product even if the price of the product is also high, and other advantages are considered. I do not think that I finally become conservation of energy and a saving resource if the longevity of the illuminator is short though it is said that it is conservation of energy.