Comparison of economies of various energy

When gas company's gas is good when electric power company's electricity is advantageous, the oil company says that oil is advantageous.

Are it on earth easy to be advantageous which energy, and to use which energy?I analyzed it in my own way. Material omitted the city gas few. Though it is welcome when it is possible to inform when the mistake etc. are found.

The unit of energy was united from cal to Wh. It converted it as 1kWh=860kcal.

Comparison of calorific values of various energy calculation

Kind of energy Calorific value
of output [kWh]
Unit price of
input energy
Calorific value
Electric heater
1 (input 1 kWh) 18-25[ YkWh] 40-56
Electric heater
1 (input 1 kWh) 8-35[ YkWh] 29-125
3 (input 1 kWh) 8-35[ YkWh] 86-375
Air conditioner
4 (input 1 kWh) 18-25[ YkWh] 160-222
Three-phase circuit
air conditioner
4 (input 1 kWh) 12-30[ YkWh] 133-333
Oil(kerosene) 9.58 (input 1L) 1200-1600[18 yL]
LP gas 34.1 (input 1m3) 500-2500[Ym3] 14-68

The efficiency of the heat radiation loss and the heat exchange is not considered excluding the air conditioner.

When electricity is used besides main generation of heat, the electrical energy is not considered.

LPG (propane gas) becomes only a basic charge when the amount of use every month is about 1m3 and becomes very expensive.

The unit price considers a basic charge to some degree. It is my arbitrary decision. Width is given to the unit price, and calculate again according to my case, please.

Grounds of calorific value calculation

Air conditioner Air conditioner is four times efficiency compared with an electric heater (A recent product : about 3-5 times)
Eco-cute It is assumed COP=3 (efficiency of three times an electric heater) with the boiler of the heat pump type that uses the electric power according to time zone.
Oil 8,800 [ Kcal/liter](high calorific value) *Note
8,240 [ Kcal/liter ] =9.58[kWh] (low calorific value) *Note
LP gas 22,450[kcal/Nm3] (high calorific value) (Nm3 is an amount of the unit volume of one atmospheric pressure.) *Note
29,300[kcal/Nm3] =34.1[kWh] (300mmHg+1 atmospheric pressure)(low calorific value) A low calorific value is calculated in the ratio of oil. *Note


"Oil burning appliances"  FortuneNippon Oil combustion equipment maintenance society  It depends on the issue in October, 1997.

It assumes as this is a liquid, and the calculated calorific value is called a high calorific value though moisture can be done in flue gases when the fuel contains the hydrogen atom. Moreover, the one that the calorie (evaporation heat) consumed so that this may become a gas was subtracted is called a low calorific value.

Actually, because moisture becomes a gas, it is necessary to calculate by a low calorific value.

Advantageous use of various energy(my opinion)

At the time of the economy valuing

There is no big difference when an electric water heater, the air conditioner, and oil are compared when thinking from the calorific value a yen. As for an electric heater (following amount light) and the LP gas, the calorific value a yen is few, and disadvantageous.

It becomes expensive when operating in daytime though the eco-cute of the topic (boiler of the heat pump type that uses the electric power according to time zone) is more advantageous than that of kerosene recently. Moreover, it is as much as 2-3 times when the equipment expense is kerosene expensive. How about high-pressure pressure of refrigerative CO2, and and, how is there 9-15MPa (about 3-7 times a past air conditioner), too and about the longevity of the equipment?

I recommend that there is hardly a necessity of ventilation the air conditioner about heating for the reasons why there is no smell.

We will recommend that the temperature of the boiled hot water can be set low from an electric water heater the oil boiler about supplying hot water because it can boil only a necessary amount when it is necessary.

The oil boiler set at a low temperature is very advantageous if it uses it together with the solar water heater. The water temperature is boiled to about 90 degrees or more once, it mixes with water, and it will use it at the time of using of an electric water heater and the solar water heater together. In this case, the amount of use of the boiled hot water is less than that of the former, and collected solar heats cannot be effectively used. Moreover, the heat radiation loss from an electric water heater cannot be disregarded.

If efficiency and the economy are valued, it becomes it as stated above. However, if the noise, safety, and maintenance are valued, an electric water heater might be better.

When you consider the environment

How do it become it when the environment is considered?Heat is generated directly in the place used excluding electricity, and thermal power generation or nuclear power generation is a main current in case of electricity. The power generation efficiency in this case is about 40%. The entire efficiency is about 35%. think about the efficiency of power transmissionThe energy of electricity throws away the energy of about 2/3, and, in a word, uses only the energy of about 1/3.

Electricity is a very inefficient usage. I think that it can say that energy other than electricity are environment friendlier when thinking about it. However, because only the air conditioner and the eco-cute are the efficiency of about three times or more an electric heater, you will think separately. Was there your wisdom?

Introduction of method of supplying hot water of my home

The method of supplying hot water of my home connects directly and will use the oil boiler of the pressure type soon with the solar water heater of the natural circulation type. The warm water of 40 degree C or more is obtained only by the solar water heater if it is fine even at the midwinter. The favor of the solar heat is received by solarr frrozen prevention idea at the midwinter.

The hot water of a temperature that is about 10 degree C further higher to use cold tap water is obtained because it turns up the heat from the water of about 17 degree C if the well water is used in winter. Moreover, the temperature of the hot water doesn't rise too much in the well water in summer, and the longevity of the solar water heater becomes long.

The kerosene fee of one year is about 15,000 yen. It is not thought that there is a method that is cheaper and more efficient than this. Both the equipment expense and the running cost are more inexpensive than that of the eco-cute. The breakdown is hardly found for 15 years or more. I think the environment to be a very easy.

The number of those who set up the solar water heater has decreased recently. I think that the solar water heater was cheap and very excellent like this. Will you review so good solar water heater?

Comparison of economies of stove for cooking

Available heat
Display power The maximum effective
power [kW]
Electromagnetic cooker(IH heater) 90% 36-50 2[kw] 1.8
LP gas heater 30%
(1/3 of IH)
4-20 4000[kcal/h] High calorie side  1.4

Thermal efficiency depends on the catalog of National IH heater.

Economy of stove for cooking (my opinion)

The electromagnetic cooker is advantageous all of the easiness of an available heat thermal efficiency and a yen, maximum effective power, durability, safety, and the cleaning to do. I recommend the electromagnetic cooker if it will buy it in the future even if the thing with a high price of the electromagnetic cooker is considered.

It is a thing that the earthenware pot, the aluminum pan, and the wok cannot be used as a fault, and a thing, etc. with magnetic leakages. I do not think that there is an economical, as this convenient one if it uses it well recognizing these faults.

You will not use the electromagnetic cooker because there is a possibility that the person for whom this magnetic leakage uses the heart pacer has the influence.