How to use the oscilloscope

Oscilloscope is a measuring instrument that can see the electric signal not visible, and the one indispensable for the design and the production of the electrical circuit and the electric circuit. When it doesn't come to be able to operate the oscilloscope freely, satisfactory circuit design production cannot be done.

What is the oscilloscope?

The oscilloscope (It is said the synchroscope) draws an electric signal (voltage waveform) that changes instantaneously at time on on the cathode-ray tube and the liquid crystal screen to be visible, and is usually an electric wave type measuring instrument to be able to observe the change in the electric signal that cannot be looked. A horizontal axis (horizontal axis) is time, and the spindle (vertical axis) is ,in a word, a voltage.

The shape of waves of an electric signal is made easy for a lot of one that changes general and periodically to exist, to hang the trigger that synchronizes with the signal, to draw on the screen many times, and to see.

It is possible to set it to the voltage though the horizontal axis is generally time (XY mode). Moreover, if it is possible to convert it into the voltage, a vertical axis can be measured even by the current and other elements.

Analog oscilloscope and digital oscilloscope


This is THS710 type digital oscilloscope of Sony Tektronix that I am using. It is necessaries in the design fabrication of the electric circuit and the repair of the television. A rechargeable battery is deteriorated in several years though it is possible to use with AC adaptor or a rechargeable battery. It is using it only with the AC adaptor now.

I like analog oscilloscopes more though a digital oscilloscope is also good. A wavy, detailed point sees the analogue well. As for the number of switches, the operation is easy because it never changes so when setting it once though an analog oscilloscope is more.

The operation is generally troublesome though a digital oscilloscope is little the number of switches. It can be said that a digital oscilloscope is a kind of the personal computer. It might be good in one operation however ..can the measurement...

A digital, analog oscilloscope has a good point and has a bad point. If the usage that draws out each good point can be done, it is the highest.

The main specification of THS710 type digital oscilloscope
Analog bandwidth   60MHz
Sample rate   250MS/s
Number of channels   Two channels

General usage of oscilloscope

How to use of 2CH oscilloscope.

Being able to observe two signals at the same time is 2CH oscilloscope. Because the oscilloscope cannot sweep two signals at the same time, the signal is switched and it displays it.

ALT or the CHOP key is chosen and displayed. Because ALT (alternation) switches alternately and sweeps the input signal, it is suitable for comparatively observing the signal with high frequency by two channel measurement.

CHOP (chop) switches alternately during the shape of waves and displays the input signal at a fast cycle. It is suitable for comparatively observing the signal with low frequency by two channel measurement. Slight dephasing of two signals in a low frequency can be seen.

Oscilloscope directions

When the oscilloscope is used, some might be taken care. If this is not noticed, the oscilloscope might not be able to be used, and the circuit might be broken.

Wavy observation example in oscilloscope

TH29VS35 horizontal out waveform TH29VS35 vertical out waveform

The left is the oscilloscope waveform of the collector pulse voltage of the horizontal output of the television. The right is the oscilloscope waveform of the vertical output voltage of the television. It is a typical shape of waves of the television of the cathode-ray tube type though this is a shape of waves of National television TH-29VS35. Because electricity is not visible, it is the one that understands so that the operation of the electrical circuit may take it by observing the shape of waves with the oscilloscope.

As for the oscilloscope, I want one or more in an efficient repair and production.

How to use in the XY mode.

trapezoid of the AM transmitter

The oscilloscope has the model that it is possible the horizontal axis not only is made time but also to set both horizontal axes and vertical axes to the voltage. It sets it to the XY mode at this time.

This shape of waves is trapezoid of the AM transmitter that modulates up to about 100%, and the linearity and the amplitude modulation degree of the amplitude modulation are understood. It is the one that the oscilloscope was used in the XY mode.

The modulation voltage waveform of the low frequency to which the collector modulates (DC coupling) is given to the horizontal axis of the oscilloscope, and the antenna output voltage waveform is given to a vertical axis.