Efficient usage of air conditioner

air conditioner

A lot of people that the method is done are seen by the use of air-conditioning a wrong method and non-efficiency. It introduces the usage of the ideal theoretically seen from my experience. It would be greatly appreciated if it serves as a reference though what usage will be done though it is freedom.

Efficient usage of air-conditioning

A recent air conditioner is very efficient and it is made. However, when the usage is bad, the performance cannot be demonstrated enough.

(1)General usage(daytime)

- Temperature setting

The preset temperature of the air conditioner is made within five degrees from the temperature of air. To 30 degrees or more if the outside is 35 degrees. Please adjust the standard 28 degrees more in detail. Air-conditioning works or I think it is good in the place very thought to be a Japanese syllabary though it doesn't know. Even if the temperature is not so lowered, it is felt that it is cool if air is stirred with the fan.

- Amount of wind

If it is not noisy, it makes it to the amount of maximum style. Because the efficiency of that is better, the electricity bill can be few. The temperature irregularity decreases, too. Because air moves, it is felt that it is cool.

- Ventilation outdoor machine peripheral

Nothing is put around the outdoor machine, and ventilation is improved as much as possible. I think that there should be a lot of things that the sunshade such as bamboo blind for the outdoor machine also has the opposite result to what was intended, and direct sunshine be prevented from striking from the outdoor machine to the window.

(2)Usage when sleeping at night

- Mode of operation

It makes it to air-conditioning. Do not make it to dehumidification (dry). Generally, the temperature of spouting lowers too much when dehumidifying it. Do not you think that dehumidification falls in temperature?It falls in temperature oppositely and a lot of electricity is also necessary. A lot of electricity bills hang because it heats it again though there is a model that doesn't fall in temperature either. Moreover, when moisture is taken too much, the throat is hurt.

- Temperature setting

It makes it to 26-27℃. Do not lower more than 25 degrees. Raising freely :. There seems to be the too cold one at 26-27℃ according to the model, too. In that case, please turn up the heat to a level not hot. The preset temperature of the air conditioner is uneven of about 1-3℃ by the model. Please adjust the thermometer by setting it up.

- Amount of wind

Please make the wind amount automatic operation or the wind strong. The temperature irregularity decreases, and it gushes and the temperature doesn't lower too much. The temperature of spouting lowers when the amount of the wind is reduced and the efficiency of the air conditioner worsens.

- Wind

The wind must not drive directly against the body.

- Timer

It doesn't set it. Especially, there seem to be a lot of one that the temperature rises gradually when the one with "Good night timer" is set. Please set it to not "Good night timer" but a usual timer. I think that this is amusing though there is something on which the amount of the wind automatically falls when the timer is set. Do not buy the product of such a company.

The electricity bill hardly hangs because the temperature in outdoor falls in the morning even if it drives until the morning.

It would be better to be able to sleep very comfortably by this method. I have been sleeping for years how many in this method. Please stir the air in the room even to this with the fan when it is hot. Do not apply the wind directly to the body.

About the energy consumption efficiency of the air conditioner

COP (Coefficient Of Performance) energy consumption efficiency

COP = competent [kw] /power consumption[kw]

Whether [de] is calculated and how many times the ability the electric power turned on is had are shown. Efficiency or more larger this value is is understood. With a usual air conditioner it is time when is good in the   COP=3-4   inverter model the efficiency of an efficient product It becomes the   COP=7-8   place.

This can be thought that the heat of 300W-800W is generated by using the electric power of 100W if it thinks in heating. It can be said that it is a very efficient machine. The air conditioner because only heat is carried like the pump but not the generation of heat when it means why such a thing can be done it is called a heat pump.

It is time when is turning most slowly by the motor of the compressor in outdoor the efficiency is a model of the inverter. Why is this time the most efficient?It is because the efficiency of the interchange of heat improves very much because it is lightly used without using this in the maximum for having the ability with an enough heat switchboard outside the room.

Then, is it good when doing very to use it in an efficient point?The temperature setting is a thing as it has been written before to do always with unassuming modesty, and to increase the amount of the wind. Please clean the filter well.

If the usage is bad, an efficient model cannot originally make them work efficiently. Please it becomes feelings of the air conditioner and use it though it is an air conditioner that doesn't count.