Easy, effective power saving method that can be executed soon

The rolling blackout that stopped a part of of Tohoku and the Kanto region power supply in the region because of the Tohoku Kanto Great Earthquake happened. Let's decrease the risk of becoming a power failure by saving electricity. An easy, effective power saving method was brought together.

Let's avoid and use the peak of the electric power.

Especially saving electricity is effective in 6-8 PM when the electric power used becomes a peak though it is basic to save electricity in a word no use of a useless electric power.

It might be also good to bring the setup time of the supper forward more than usually, and to move the life time behind before. Do not use this time zone as the rice cooker uses the timer. Washing is made the night and early morning with the timer.

Method of pulling out and saving electricity outlet (The standby power requirement is lost.)

When the outlet and the main source of electrical power are left put, the electricity that is called a standby power requirement is consumed. It leads to power saving by losing this. It is said that about 10 percent of the power consumption used at home is a standby power requirement.

The air conditioner becomes power saving, and can decrease the risk of the breakdown such as the thunders pulling out the outlet at the offseason especially.

The use of the electric heat insulation jar is stopped, and the hot water is boiled only the necessity when it is necessary. The electric power of heat insulation can be saved by doing so. Similarly, the rice cooker also stops keeping warm, and only a necessary amount warms meal.

Method of saving electricity air conditioner

The air conditioner can be saved electricity only by changing the setting of the temperature. The standard of the temperature setting is set to 28 degrees or more in case of air-conditioning. When the outside temperature degree is high, it is effective enough even by 30 degrees. The fan is used together and it is felt that it is cool.

Let's set it to the temperature of 20℃ or less at heating. Moreover, there is very a power-saving effect when the heavy drapery is used making the preset temperature of the air conditioner a little cold level of 16-19℃, wearing clothes, and using the kotatsu together.

Method of saving electricity refrigerator

The cold in a cold once refrigerator is wasted by opening and shutting the door. Let's quickly put food in and out. Let's act after it thinks before what you do after opening the door is not thought but the door is opened.

Moreover, it is also important to make it not put in the refrigerator without cooling the warm dish. And, it is packing of food too much wanting note most. The space where the cold moves is necessary in the refrigerator.

Does not the refrigerator stick to the wall with fit by setting up the refrigerator?Heat in the refrigerator is radiated from surroundings of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator back and side are moderately vacated, it becomes a saving of the electricity bill. Keeping away from direct sunshine from the window and the heat such as stoves and setting it up are an important things.

Method to save electricity by using lighting of lamp type fluorescent lamp and LED

Even if the price is high, the lighting of the lamp type fluorescent lamp and LED does by obtaining over the long term though the incandescent lamp is cheap. The lighting of the lamp type fluorescent lamp and LED is a little power consumption and lasts long. As for the LED lighting, the price is gradually becoming low.

Method to save electricity by usage of lighting

A needless lighting is diligently erased. The one that the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted is darkly set. When an illuminator and a fluorescent tube can be thinned out, about 1/3-1/2 is thinned out. Even if it darkens a little, the lighting is not anxious.