Let's choose product with your idea.

Only my idea when the product is bought is described here, and I do not intend to force it on others. Please act by often thinking for yourself to the last.

About the product that contains the germanium

The product that contains the germanium seems to become popular recently. It is this time a germanium when thinking that the negative air ion declined a little. Because there is a person easily taken in, the person who cheats seems to try to vary the procedure, to change goods, and to gain.

It would be better to be able to understand enough even from the knowledge of the science at the junior high school and the high school student level. The study of the science is not to make it for the examination. I think that I should use it to live actually more.

When "Germanium" is retrieved on the Internet, the result of various, healthy related products is displayed. However, I do not think that there is a scientific basis that the germanium is effective in health now. It is sold to these commodities to do the explanation that seems to be plausible though it is it.

The negative air ion might be discharged when warmed by the temperature and the effect of the adjustment of the living body current be written. I am sure to think it is doubtful if there is a usual knowledge of scientific matters. Are it only me that the negative air ions and feel that it is doubtful to extra if coming?After it thinks independently, let's judge it though believing if it is said the celebrity uses and it was effective can also nod to some degree.


About the product that generates the negative air ion

It be what on earth though the word negative air ion becomes popular?There is a theory of particle with a negative charge, and is a book written that it is an electron. However, the product is only in applying a high voltage of the minus, too. It has not roughly heard it in the word negative air ion's having received the education to the university. It goes out to the textbook of the science of the junior high school in case of the negative ion. Naturally, I am not when I believe the effect etc. of the negative air ion. The thing that something is not understood won't be able to be believed. As for the negative air ion, do you understand anything?

The tourmaline also has the site written that it keeps permanently generating the negative air ion. The perpetual motion will exist in this world even if the scale is small if there is such a thing. If it is true, the person who finds it is the Nobel prize one.

However, it is true in the age it that doesn't sell either if this function is not attached to the air conditioner and the air cleaner. It is called the additional value and is set to an expensive price. In the manual of the product, it doesn't explain what one the negative air ion is. What may I do if selling and making a profit?May I cheat the person?I do not intend to sell such a product positively though I sell if it is said by me that the guest wants to be necessary and to buy it.

About the product that generates the far-infrared radiation

Recently, the product of the far-infrared radiation overflows by the desire of everything should a far-infrared radiation. Will such a far-infrared radiation be really good?Have you thought independently?

There are a near-infrared radiation (Go out of the one that wavelength was heated red with about 2.5μm or less) and a far-infrared radiation (Wavelength goes out of the one with low temperature comparatively with about 2.5μm or more) in infrared rays. I think that it is not the one that can be said as there is a feature respectively and either is good.

Far-infrared radiation..temperature..low..thing..near-infrared radiation..temperature..high..thing..go out.It is necessary to use it properly according to the usage by the one for which both are necessary. When infrared rays occurs, heat is moved. It is not because of going out indefinitely.

I cannot help saying that it is amusing that the far-infrared radiation goes out of "Tourmaline" of the same temperature as the room temperature, "Cotton", and "Charcoal" when thinking so no matter how it thinks. Even the junior high school student understands these kind of things.

Negative air ion from charcoal?It has already kept negligent.

About an electric stove to have the shape of the fan

Recently, an electric stove of this type sells. It is written that the far-infrared radiation goes out of the heater though it shines brightly. I certainly think that there are a lot of near-infrared radiations, too though the far-infrared radiation will go out, too.

It is written only it is because of selling or the far-infrared radiation if it is written the far-infrared radiation. Furthermore, it writes with the negative air ion generation function. What kind of circuit is and there is an interest ..will attached... It is not a circuit but it is a tourmaline.

About the product to make the magnetic processing water

Only the strong magnet is installed in the water service tube, the mains water is used, and there is a product to which water stated the effect of regret it or no rust of the water service tube for [narudatoka] and the bacillus to breed delicious easily or nor boiling of the hot water fast. I have the doubt in such a thing. I will do only the thing about which it thinks by my head though a detailed thing is not understood because I am not a specialist.

Something doesn't seem to happen specially even if water passes in the magnetic field roughly putting up the magnet to the water service tube. The energy is known though electricity happens by the principle of the dynamo (In this case, it is the same principle as an electromagnetic flow meter) if the movement in which the conductor cuts the flux of magnetic induction in the magnetic field is done. It writes as the effect is effective for tens of hours or the water service tube doesn't rust easily. It must be a large discovery that shakes the foundation of the science as for as the hot water boils fast and it is not cool easily.

Does a free magnet cost as much as 10000 yen of tens of thousands of-tens of?It is sure to understand if it thinks for a moment by my head.

About the oil heater

There is a product of oil heater that warms oil by electricity and heats it. What you misunderstood seemed to have sold well in the 1990's. The fault has been understood or it seems not to sell so much recently.

The reason that separately becomes efficient even if oil is warmed with the heater of electricity is a nothing thing though it is an understanding thing if it thinks for a moment. However, it only becomes a thing that the far-infrared radiation goes out because it doesn't rise in temperature because the size is large. A cheap electric stove and efficiency are quite the same. About what do you think though there was a person that the air conditioner made it to the oil heater because the electricity bill is high?The air conditioner is times how many as efficient.

About the cold wind fan

There is a cold wind fan advertised by the catchphrase of "Cold wind fan that delivers a fresh cold wind and the negative air ion in the effect of watering". We will deliver the balmy breeze and the negative air ion to home. It is the best for an air conditioner that is not good either. The person who doesn't understand well might buy it when advertised.

This principle is the same as the humidifier of the evaporation type. It is the one to lower the room temperature by heat of vaporization in a word. Moisture increases extra if such a thing is used because the climate of summer of Japan is a high temperature and humidity and discomfort indices go up. It is not necessary to be cheated even by the character of the negative air ion either.

I was seen to be using it for 25-years old time in the hotel named Commodore in Teheran in Iran when making a business trip to the Middle East. When humidity is low, it seems to be effective. It is not possible to use it at all in Japan.