How to use air compressor and the maintenance

The thing with a complicated inside cannot be cleaned well though the cleaner might be used to clean the inside of the repair goods when the television and the oil fan heater are repaired in the consumer electronic shop. In this case, it is possible to clean it well by blowing off dust with the air compressor. In addition, a lot of usages are convenient things in the air compressor.

What is the air compressor?

The number of air tools that demonstrate the power of the electric tool losing has increased by using the power of compress air recently. It is an air compressor as for the machine that generates the compress air that becomes the origin of the power It is said (Air Compressor), and is composed of the part that compresses air and the part where air is saved in the tank. It is possible to use it even by the repair of the consumer electronic, DIY, and the tire exchange of cars by the demand for a domestic air compressor rising recently.

Usage of air compressor

Cleaning of consumer electronic goods
Dust is blown off by using the air duster. Water is able not to be used when the air compressor is used to clean the indoor fan of the air conditioner and to handle it easily and easily though water is often used to clean the air conditioner recently. However, the device is necessary for processing dust.
Removing the bolt:Tightening.
The bolt of the tire can be removed with an impact wrench, and it tighten. There is the one that the tightening torque can be adjusted, too.
Nail (nail) strike
It is possible to nail it by handling Naylor. The carpenter is using it well.
Because paints of a constant amount can be uniformly sprayed with a spray gun, finish can be very cleaned. It is possible to use it to paint the plastic model.
It is possible to put some air in the car, the tractor, the floatage circle, and the bicycle by using the tire zipper etc.
Grinding, rust drop, and painting peel
It is possible to use it for grinding, the rust drop, and the painting peel by putting up the Sand blaster. Because it doesn't go well when there is moisture in air, the air filter is put in the exit of the compressor.

Mechanism of air compressor

First of all, the principle of the piston type air compressor changes the rotation of the motor into the reciprocation with the crank and the piston. Next, air is saved by compressing air in the cylinder with the reciprocation and the valve of the piston in the pressure tank. The motor stops when the maximum pressure power in the pressure tank is about 0.8 generallyMPa, and it becomes this pressure. This pressure also has the one that it is possible to adjust it. Air is saved in this pressure tank, and it works with a variety of air tools.

Performance and easiness of air compressor to use

It is easy not to necessarily use the performance and the easiness of the air compressor to use because the performance is good. The performance becomes good the larger the ability of the performance is, the larger the tank is. The one that the decrease in pressure is few no matter how it uses it is that the performance is good in a word.

It is inconvenient for the movement, and the one with a special power supply might become necessary if it is too large when becoming Now [tsuka] ..floatage.. [dan]. Moreover, when it is too small, pressure decreases at once and it doesn't become work. It can be said that the one of the size corresponding to the usage will be used easily.

Feature of air compressor CP-1500 of AIRTEC

air compressor CP-1500

Specification of CP-1500 of AIRTEC
Tank volume 25 liters
Relieving capacity 106 liter/minute
Power supply 100V 50Hz/60Hz 11A/10A
Power consumption 870W/860W
Rotational speed 1420/1720 r.p.m.
Working pressure range 0.78MPa(about 8kgf/cm2)
Trunk air outlet One item and pressure regulator (regulator) assistants
Basic machine weight 31.8kg
Size W56cm,H58cm,D34cm
Accessory Air duster and 1/4 coupler (surgical knife) coil hose 3m

This photograph is air compressor CP-1500 of AIRTEC (Naka Tomi) that I am using.

Because it is small, the performance is also hurried, and the wheel has adhered to the main feature of this model, it is possible to move by one hand. Moreover, the price is also handy.

How to use of the air compressor.

Maintenance of air compressor

Moisture in air becomes a drop of water if it compresses air, and it collects in the air tank. Please open "Drain pulling out valve" under the tank to pull out moisture in the air tank after use. The tank might corrode if this is not done.

It inhales into garbage on an atmospheric inside when using it in the place of in factory where a lot of dust exists and polluted air because the air compressor is inhaled air and compressed. Please check, and clean the dirt condition of "Inhalation filter" regularly (About once at half a year).

The air compressor uses oil for the purpose of "Lubrication" of the equipment and "Cool". The oil change exchanges the level and the whole quantity once every six months. Oil must use the one for the compressor. The one small of recent has the product that doesn't use oil either.