Convenience of Expression Web3

After the homepage was rewritten from HTML in XHTML1.0, it became impossible to endure to there was the useless one by the code of the homepage builder and it changed it into Expression Web3 in making the homepage though the homepage builder was software conveniently used easily.

Microsoft there Because Expression Web 3 was used, the feature is described. Dreamweaver uses it in other competing homepage creation software, and the price is high, and I am not using many though it is because I need not function.

Feature of Expression Web3 (comparison with Homepage builder)

The homepage builder is very convenient to correct the homepage while confirming the screen. It is certain that even the beginner uses it easily. Moreover, it is possible to design with HTML by using CSS to some degree even by the homepage builder.

However, it is not possible to correspond by the homepage builder when the method of not using method of not omitting the end tag and "0 border = of IMG tag" etc. are done when XHTML is used.

I think that the respect and Expression Web3 are very excellent as the tool that constructs Web standard site in accordance with the W3C standard of the XHTML+CSS design.

Moreover, when the image is put with the homepage builder, the size of the image is input without permission like [width="***" height="***"]. In Expression Web3, the size of the image is not input without permission. Even neither HTML nor XHTML are indispensable to specify the size of the image originally. Not specifying it is usual recently. I do not specify it either.

It is not because everything was able to consist of the homepage builder also by Expression Web3. For instance, it is not possible to be likely to do in Expression Web3 though the cursor was able to be put between tag and tag in the homepage builder in the screen of the design view. Of course, if the code view is used, it is possible.

Convenience of Expression Web3

Even one and the beginner more than the intermediate think Expression Web3 to be a just good in the person who thinks that make the homepage or study by using XHTML and CSS in the future by it.

Point where Expression Web3 is good

I think that the error check of the code of Expression Web3 is wonderful. The error display is in real time done in the red system when there is an error. When the mouse is put on that, the content of the error is displayed. It did not correspond to PHP, and the error always went out though the error check of the code had used free HTML Project2 for me up to now. HTML Project2 overlooked other errors.

Because I had set CSS by hand-made because the automatic input supplementation function was mounted when the page was designed with CSS up to now, I thought that I used it easily very much. The input candidate is displayed by the automatic operation while inputting it. For instance, class etc. are only chosen clicking.

I thought that I saw easily very much and used that the key word in the script was classifying displayed by displaying the code view easily.

If Expression Web3 has two or more personal computers because the license attestation is unnecessary, it can install it of how many. However, sharing is useless with others. It is a user license to the last.

Point where Expression Web3 is bad

To make the best use of the current homepage property, the extension of the file was made htm though I was writing the homepage with PHP. Then, when the file is preserved, the error display with every time different extension is done in Expression Web3. I do not think that this manages to become it. (There is no problem because the extension is changed now and it makes it to php. )

The size of the font cannot be specified by the design view probably because of the design valuing though the size of the font can be specified in the code view. When the resolution is as high as the notebook computer, and the screen is small, I think it is a little hard to see.

How to use of Expression Web3.

I want to use for a while in the future, and to write down adhering of the nature.

When the page increases, you should not open the site.

The site is opened up to about page 100, and the page is made and when the page of the site becomes hundreds of pages, it comes to take time very much when the site is opened though you will edit.

I think that you should open only the page without opening the site for that case and edit it. The same thing can be said around here even with the homepage builder.

It has been noted that the external style sheet is not rewritten without permission.

Expression Web3 might start rewriting Style Sheet without permission at time though I am using the external style sheet. Returning is serious when rewritten without permission. Note not rewriting without permission. Let's rename after it copies it to return it soon when rewritten without permission and book the backup.