The log of Wforum BBS has been converted for Joyfulyy BBS

"Repair technology information bulletin board" had been made up to now by "Wforum" of KentWeb. I think that I conveniently use Wforum BBS easily. The kind of the bulletin board on the homepage increasing, and managing a lot of kinds of bulletin boards became troublesome.

Transfer from Wforum to Joyfulyy

This was changed to "Joyfulyy BBS". As for "Joyfulyy BBS", a high performance, and detailed setting is possible, and the upgrade is very easy. Because the log was able to be converted well, I will introduce how to convert log, though the form of the log is greatly different from "Web forum BBS" and "Joyfulyy BBS".

A present log of Wforum BBS has been converted for Joyfulyy BBS.

I thought that 2000-line including the log nearby log data existed in the past, and it was impossible to correct this in the editor. However, because it was possible to convert it easily unexpectedly by making good use of editor (Tera-Pad) and Excel, it easily introduces it.

  1. All present logs are united with the log in editor (Tera-Pad) in the past of wforum and it makes it to one file.
  2. All "<>" is substituted for TAB"\t" by using the replace function of the editor.
  3. This text file is read by starting Excel.
  4. To refer to a suitable log data of joyfulyy BBS similarly, similar processing is separately done.
  5. Three is compared with the file of four, the row of the file of three is replaced, and it becomes the same form as four.
  6. An unnecessary row is deleted. A necessary row is added.
  7. Adding "<>" to the data of the last row lives smoothly.
  8. A necessary range is selected, it gives a name with the text file, and it preserves it. At that time, the delimitation of data is made TAB.
  9. The file is read in the editor, and all TAB"\t" is substituted for "<>".
  10. It is a completion if the file name is made "log file name" and it preserves it.
  11. The number of bulletin boards of preservation logs is set a little more than the number of lines of this log and the file is read.
  12. When it is possible to read normally, the number of lines of the archive log are set rather few about 500, and it writes it in the bulletin board.
  13. If the log has been generated well in the past, the number of lines of the archive log are set rather few about 500 again and it does similarly. It is same.

It is likely to have to correct it a little in the editor at the end. The version of each bulletin board is the latest.

Because the form of the file looks like this, even only the editor can be easily done though present data of yybbs can be similarly converted also into joyfulyy.

The log in the past of YYbbs has been converted into Joyfulyy.

Moreover, because it was a similar form to a present log when expecting whether the log would enter joyfulyy in the past of yybbs, "<> <>0<>" was added at the end of each line, it united with a present log of joyfulyy, and it put it in a present log. It went well.

Logs in the past of YY-BBS and Joyful-note have been united for Joyfulyy.

I integrated yybbs and joyful-note into joyfulyy. The log was put in a present log of joyfulyy like the above-mentioned in the past of yybbs and the log was generated in the past because it was not possible to unite as it was because the log was different the form in the past of yybbs and joyful-note. After that, logs were corrected in the editor and integrated in both pasts.

It seems to be able to read the log with joyfulyy in the past of yybbs.