Choosing a computer monitor (screen size and resolution)

Although the latest notebook PC can have the high resolution of a screen and the wide range can be displayed on a screen, there is a tendency for the character displayed to be small. When an external monitor was attached to a personal computer, monitor's size and selection of resolution were considered.

Font size of the computer display

The monitor (display) of the latest personal computer is high-resolution, there is much what has a small size of a character, and it is hard to use for elderly people. Moreover, the character of a blog also has many things smaller than a standard, and it is hard to use it for the person of a presbyopia.

In a browser like the latest Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, or Chrome, the size of a character can be changed easily. The key of Pulaski or myna skiing is pressed, pressing the Control key. The size of the picture also came to be changed by this method. Although it is very convenient, it is troublesome to change the size of a character one by one. Moreover, there is a thing which is others and which cannot change the size of a character easily if soft, and a character may be small and may suffer troubles.

In such a case, in order to enlarge the size of a character, there is only changing the monitor of a personal computer.

Monitor's selection method (resolution of screen)

It seems that choosing in resolution is common although a monitor is chosen. The range displayed by resolution is decided.

XGA (1024x768px, aspect ratio 1:1.3333) is the resolution often used for the display of a desktop or a notebook PC. Generally most web pages are made supposing the resolution of XGA. This page of mine is not an exception, either.

The range which can display SXGA (1280x1024px, aspect ratio 1:1.250) from XGA becomes large. However, if it is a liquid crystal display monitor of the same number of inches when resolution becomes high, Monju's size displayed becomes small. To the elderly people whose eyesight declined, a high-resolution monitor thinks that he is hard to use. Probably, it is good to use a thing with big size like 22-32 inches, if a high-resolution monitor is used.

SXGA+ (1400x1050px, aspect ratio 1:1.3333) is often used for the notebook PC of a liquid crystal. In a 15-17-inch liquid crystal, I think that a character is hardly used for elderly people, being small to them. Since the domain of a screen is large to a young person, to him, it may be easy-to-use.

Maximum resolution depends on the performance of your computer monitor

The highest resolution which can be displayed on a monitor changes with performances of a personal computer. If the resolution which can be displayed with a personal computer is to 1024x768, even if it connects with the monitor of the performance beyond it, it can display only in the resolution to 1024x768. It is not meaningful even if it prepares the monitor beyond it.

There is optimal resolution in a liquid crystal display monitor.

There is optimal resolution in the case of displaying in a liquid crystal display monitor. The maximum resolution of a liquid crystal display monitor usually turns into optimal resolution. If it is used except the optimal resolution, it seems that the displayed character spread. Moreover, if it uses in the resolution different from the resolution of television when using television for the monitor of a personal computer, a screen may go out or a screen may become small.

Monitor's selection method (the size of screen)

Not only resolution but monitor's size (the number of inches) serves as an important element from which a monitor is chosen. When using a personal computer especially for a long time, the fatigue of eyes is different if it sees by the monitor of a big screen. It seems that the one where a character is larger is easy-to-use after all at a big screen.

I am using a 32-inch liquid crystal television as a monitor of a personal computer. The liquid crystal television of 1366x768px (aspect ratio 1:1.778) is displayed by WXGA of 1280x768px. Since television is not comparatively high-resolution considering a big screen, a character becomes large inevitably.

If monitor's resolution is high, according to it, it is necessary to enlarge monitor's size. Otherwise, a printable character will become small.

Monitor's selection method (aspect ratio of screen)

Monitor's aspect ratio is also important. If the aspect ratio by the side of a personal computer and a monitor is different, a picture is distorted and it is visible. Since there are some which do not suit monitor's aspect ratio depending on a personal computer, at the time of purchase, cautions are required. If it uses only as a monitor of a personal computer, it is not necessary to do anything on an oblong monitor. The one where the vertical length is longer thinks that it is easy-to-use that it is easy to carry out scrolling of a lengthwise direction.

Monitor's selection method (input terminal)

There are an analog (D-sub terminal) and digital (DVI terminal, HDMI terminal) one in monitor's input terminal. Although digital one seldom differ from an analog, digital one is beautiful if it gazes.

It is necessary to choose a display according to the output terminal of a personal computer. Only the personal computer of an analog output is connectable with the monitor of an analog terminal. The latest personal computer has analog and digital terminal.