Method of starting homepage builder fast

The homepage builder is software used easily conveniently to make the homepage. I also am using it well. However, uptime slows gradually, and it has come to take finally one minute or more if it uses it. I think the particular slowness in what.

Uptime of homepage builder

I just want to be a little fix, and once they start, I can not cancel. So if I fix a little keypad free Tera Pad editor that I use often.

In the correction of the confirmation of the screen, it relies on the homepage builder by all means. Then, because the method of starting the homepage builder fast as a result of a variety of trying and erring was found, it introduces it.

The homepage builder is started fast.

The version of the homepage builder that I am using is V6.5 or V8.0 or V11. V11 was used recently though here was entirely used because V6.5 was used easily. Both ways are the same. Windows It is Windows XP.

The homepage builder starts from the following start within five seconds. If it is this, it is not slow at all. Please note that it might take time to start and the start be slow when ending with "Folder" mark left-clicked in "Material" in "Site/material view".

There might be a place where the way is wrong. There might be a place that has come off by other settings. Moreover, everyone doesn't understand whether to become similar.