Method of not making "Thumbs.db" file

It is likely to notice though the file named Thumbs.db is made in the picture file when the file is forwarded when the homepage is made. It is made even if it erases so as not to recall making it for myself or it erases it. Will you have thought it is troublesome?

The Thumbs.db file is made why.

The file of the name of Thumbs.db might be seen even if it sets it like displaying the system file by [ the display option ] of Explorer.

The file named Thumbs.db is a cache file on a thumbnail display of the image (subsize). The image of the folder that displays the thumbnail once by the Explorer of Windows XP(Windows XP) is displayed at high speed by using this file in the display since the second times.

There is especially no problem even if Thumbs.db is erased with the file that Explorer makes without permission. It is not, and it is necessary and made.

Only such a file consumes the homepage space, and there is not a meaning in making the homepage either. I do not think that you should be on the homepage.

The Thumbs.db file is not forwarded to the homepage.

If the file is not forwarded even if this file exists, the homepage space is never consumed.

If "Thumbs.db" or "*.db" is added to "File name not forwarded" of [ the mirroring ] by [ the environmental setting ] of [ the option ] in the file transfer software named FFFTP, the Thumbs.db file is not forwarded.

Method of not making Thumbs.db file

There is a method of not making the Thumbs.db file from Explorer in Windows XP at the time of beginning. The person who doesn't have the necessity will set by the Thumbs.db file and set not to make the Thumbs.db file by operating it as follows.