How to use of FFFTP (file transfer and backup method)

FFFTP is file transfer software that can be used free of charge. It is software that specializes in the function to up-load the file of the homepage to the server, and to download from the server. I think that it is indispensable software in making the homepage.

Feature of FFFTP

FFFTP is the best FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software for the operation of the file of the server. A large amount of file can be forwarded by the batch, and it is possible to forward it by looking for only the updated file. The file of a large capacity can be forwarded. When a large capacity is filed as there are a lot of numbers of files, soft one only for the file transfer might be good though forwarding the file is possible by the FTP software attached to the homepage builder.

Download and installation of FFFTP

FFFTP can be downloaded free of charge. It downloads it by Vector and Madonomori. When the downloaded file is executed, it is usually installed in the ffftp folder in Program Files of C drive.

Start and setting of FFFTP

If FFFTP is started first, it becomes host's set screen. The folder for the homepage and the server are set on this screen.

Basic setting of setting of host of FFFTP

Host's set name
Please name a name that suitably and is comprehensible. You may use the Chinese character.
Host name(address)
It is an address of the connection of the FTP of the server. It sets it according to the instruction of the server. Http://etc. are not input.
It is FTP connection's name of the user. It might be called the FTP account. It sets it according to the instruction of the server.
It is FTP connection's password. What set beforehand is input. The right Anonymous is not checked. Anonymous is a meaning of anonymity.
Initial folder of local
It is a folder or a root directory with top page on the homepage. It directs it in C drive usually. Referring in the personal computer clicking a right square is convenient.
Host's initial folder
It sets it according to the instruction of the server. Neither public_html nor/are often input anything as soon as.
The folder accessed at the end is made an initial folder for the next term.
The check is not put in here. The beginner cannot return when going to a strange folder operating by mistake when the check is put in here, and the setting is overwrited.

First of all, other places in which it sets it are used though are. It connects it with the server pushing "Connection".

Other settings of setting of FFFTP host

In addition, various settings can be done in the setting of the host of FFFTP. It will be easy to use that the check is put for "The folder simultaneous movement is used" in "Enhance".

"The PASV mode is used" in "Enhance" specifies whether to use the (PASV) mode of passive of the file transfer protocol FTP (method of the notification of the FTP servers end of connected port and the connection). When it is not possible to forward it by the firewall well, it checks it.

The server side of "The file list is acquired in the LIST command" in "High degree" The FTP software : "File list" on the server side might not be displayed for ProFTPD. For this case, the check is put in "The file list is acquired in the LIST command".

Checking "Reflexive retrieve it at high speed by using NLST -R" of "High degree" improves and the operation speed improves. However, when the above-mentioned "The file list is acquired in the LIST command" is checked, this cannot be selected.

When the connection is not made good, "The file is not accessed in the full path" in the high degree" is checked. The speed decreases a little when the check is put in here.

"Option" "Environmental setting"

Because various settings can be done even by "Environmental setting" of "Option", it might be good to change the setting if necessary. Next, it introduces the main stuff that I am setting.

"Forwarding mode" of "Forwarding 1" chooses "Switch by the file name".

"Network time-out time" of "Forwarding 2" is set to 300 seconds (for five minutes) long. The purpose of this is to prevent the error from going out when the response of the server is bad etc.When the server is occasionally trouble in XREA.COM and CORESERVER.JP, it is effective.

*.cgi : "Attribute of the up-loaded file" of "Forwarding 3" *.dat : to 705 It sets it to 644. Moreover, the check is put in "The attribute of the folder made when up-loading it is specified", and the attribute is adjusted to 755. Cgi moves unquestionably in the file transfer of cgi even if nothing is done when this is specified. It is very convenient. unnecessary file named the bak file and Thumbs.db is not forwarded. Moreover, the check is put in "Confirm it before the file is deleted by the mirroring up-loading" and "Confirm it before the file is deleted by the mirroring download".

"Tera-Pad" of the editor is registered in "Viewer 1" of "Tool" and Paint is registered in "Viewer 2". An editor and a direct paint can be started by specifying the file name from FFFTP when doing so.

Forwarding method to server on homepage

When using it for the first time (state that the file is never forwarded to the server), the homepage file in the computer is displayed left when the connection is completed. The file by which the server set whether nothing is displayed on the right side beforehand might be displayed.

The mirroring up-loading in "Command" is clicked. The mirroring up-loading is a meaning of keeping quite the same like seeing the content of the specified part in the computer and the part that the server specified with the mirror. The file is not in the computer but in the server with is automatically erased. It is forwarded when there are a folder and a file in that.

After "Processing content display" is done without suddenly beginning, it executes it. Otherwise, it is likely to become an unexpected result.

Because only the file that compares dates of the file and updates it is forwarded in the mirroring up-loading, the file can be efficiently forwarded.

To forward only the file in a specific folder or to forward only a specific file, can it forward, and a specific file be forwarded by choosing by double-clicking a specific folder and entering in the folder.

Method of backing up homepage

After it up to date files it in the computer, it is necessary to update the page when two or more people update the homepage or the homepage is changed with other personal computers. I occasionally want to back up the homepage again. In this case, the mirroring download is executed.

The mirroring download in this case is to a content of the server and to mean it makes in the computer quite the same. Because no file in the file and the computer comparing and updating the date of the file alone is forwarded in the mirroring download, the file can be efficiently forwarded.

The backup of the homepage can be made there except only the folder on the computer side (local side) separately making a new connection destination. It is possible to use it variously depending on the device now. Even if the personal computer breaks, it is safe though the story that the personal computer breaks and the homepage disappeared is often heard if the backup is made on USB thumb drive and LAN disk by this method.

Attribute modification of file of servers end

It is necessary to change the attribute of the file and the folder of the server from 644 such as 705 and 755 to execute the file of CGI. It right-clicks in the file and the folder of the servers end (right side) to do this, and "Attribute modification" is clicked. The attribute is set according to the screen now.

FFFTP is thoroughly set and other personal computers:The use methods.

It is the one that thoroughly sets FFFTP with personal computers how many and uses. It is serious to do the same setting from one with other personal computers. It is not easy to set it separately when there are a lot of homepage addresses.

In that case, the C drive in the Program Files folder To the ffftp folder Because the name of "ffftp.ini" is filed, this is copied in the same folder of other personal computers.