Unable to send mail (Incoming mail is available, OP25B)

E-mail is an important tool that a lot of internet-based people use. However, without fail was the E Mail Sending able to be used suddenly before?I entered the state that all almost mails were not able to be transmitted by the Outlook express in around the summer of 2007.

The cause has not been understood at all though it variously examined. We will inform you of the settlement because we finally understood there was a change in Mail Sending on the homepage of the provider.

The content of the send error for OutlookExpress6.0 is following.

"The connection to the server failed. Account 'Set name of mail', server 'Transmission server', and protocol: SMTP and port: 25 and security (SSL): Socket error that not is: 10060 and error number: 0x800CCC0E"

About the restriction of Mail Sending of the provider

It seems to have done the transmission restriction of mail of "Outbound Port25 Blocking(OP25B)" in the mega-egg of the provider that I was using. There were the following descriptions in the homepage of the mega-egg.

  I will execute "OP25B" to all mails excluding by way of the transmission server of the mega-egg on July 10, 2007 though "Outbound Port25 Blocking (OP25B)" was going to be executed to the mail to the mobile carrier as a spam mail measures to become a social problem in the mega-egg service.

It is the one that it wants you to teach neatly in mail if it changed.

What is OP25B (Outbound Port25 Blocking)?

The 25th use of the TCP port used when mail is transmitted is restricted, and the transmission of the spam mail etc. is restricted.

This measures seem to be measures on which it works in the entire industry like other providers etc. aiming to prevent the spam mail that flows out to the entire Internet.

There is an advantage of useful for a large amount of Mail Sending and the personal information leak prevention that I by the virus etc. do not intend.

There is no influence because it uses the port in the 110th receptions of mail at all. Moreover, there is not an influence in the WEB mail of the Internet that doesn't use the e-mail software either.

Submission port and SMTP Auth

When the provider is restricting OP25B, the transmission becomes possible by setting the following submission ports and SMTP Auth.

What is the submission port (Submission port)?

It is a special port (the 587th) to accept Mail Sending from the e-mail software besides the 25th TCP ports that have been used for Mail Sending since the past. The setting change of the e-mail software is necessary to use this port.

What is SMTP Auth?

It is a system that attests the user with the transmission server at abbreviation Mail Sending of SMTP Authentication. It is possible to attest it automatically by setting it by the e-mail software. This system can prevent the transmission server being misused.

Setting method of submission port and SMTP Auth

Setting with OutlookExpress

It might be a little different in other providers though it introduced the setting with the mega-egg this time.