About Tapping of the touch pad (notebook computer)

The same operation as the click though it lightly touches the touch pad is often done though the touch pad has adhered in the notebook computer, and it is convenient in it. Moreover, there seems to be the one that the operation is cramped even if it wants to change this operation and the change is difficult.

Touch pad and the feature

The mouse can usually do the same operation as the mouse only by feeling after the touch pad by the finger even if the notebook computer doesn't separately put up the mouse on the desktop personal computer though operates the personal computer.

The same operation as the left-click is done only by lightly beating the touch pad of the click operation. However, this is often clicked also in an unexpected place though wants to operate, and not to click. The person who is putting up the AdSense advertisement of Google to his homepage might come to click without permission though never click him.

Invalidity of Tapping function and change in sensitivity

In invalidating Tapping of the touch pad, there is a personal computer with a quite difficult operation. In the notebook computer of Gateway that I was using, it was not possible to find it by the search for a moment.

It has not understood easily though it starts changing Tapping again after about one year passes though Tapping was invalidated for myself once. Then, I want to record the method.

Method of invalidating Tapping function of Gateway personal computer

First of all, "Mouse" of the control panel is chosen or "Synaptics pointing device" in the lower right of the screen is double-clicked, and "Mouse's property" is displayed.

"Setting" of "Device" is clicked pushing "Device setting" tab. The check on "The tap function is used" is removed clicking "Tap" in that. "OK" is clicked and the end now.

It is safe however it puts it thus however intensely the touch pad is beaten. However, it doesn't destroy it.

Method of changing Tapping sensitivity of Gateway personal computer

In the same way, "Mouse's property" is put out. "Setting" of "Device" is clicked pushing "Device setting" tab. It might be also good to open "Sensitivity" in that and to set to become heavy the touch sensitivity. I think it is good when it uses by this, and it is decided whether to invalidate the Tapping function.

Other personal computers might be whats look like. A lot of people are sure to be embarrassed, and it takes notes somewhere my confirming it or make it public with Web, please.