Spam mail measures

E-mail is an important tool that a lot of internet-based people use. However, a large amount of transmission of the spam mail done by using the E-mail gives the unpleasantness to a lot of people. Moreover, time that requires it the useless wire traffic, to occupy of the memory capacity useless, and to delete the spam mail is a social trouble that cannot be disregarded.

There is no spam mail because I am carefully using form mail at all.

What is the spam mail?

The message one-sidedly sent by a lot of addressees is called a spam mail (junk mail).

Generally, the one assumed to be a spam mail includes needless, for advertising mail and the addressee one-sidedly sent a large amount of transmission mail (bulk mail) etc.

It is made not to be known the mail address.

There is no spam mail if ..mail address.. not known. Do not write the mail address in the homepage and the bulletin board.

Let's apply by the free email when it is necessary to write the mail address by the prize site and the questionnaire, etc.If a large amount of spam mails comes to reach, let's throw away the address.

There is method it is not known to the mail collection robot easily as follows though it ..mail address.. is known excluding form mail, too.

The spam mail is disregarded.

It never replies to pesty the advertisement and advertising mail. Do not answer the delivery refusal. The reason for the mail address is that it will be informed that it is effective and someone using it them when replying. In a word, it becomes a counterproductivity.

General, passive spam mail measures

Distribution of spam mail

It doesn't become fundamental measures though mail with the doubt of the spam mail is automatically distributed to the spam mail folder, and mail can be made easy to manage.

Change in mail address

If it is not allowed ..mail address.. not to be known, it doesn't become fundamental measures though it is also temporarily effective to change the mail address as the spam mail measures.

Positive spam mail measures in homepage

Fundamental measures are not to be known as for the mail address. However, if the mail address is not informed to them, mail cannot usually be sent.

Spam mail measures by form mail(strength)

The spam mail measures by form mail become the strongest measures. The mail address is natural in form mail because it is never known.

Because a malicious person occasionally collects the mail addresses when setting to the sender with CC in form mail that the copy is sent, measures whether not to send the copy in CC or to camouflage the mail address are given.

Free form mail can be used recently though the environment that can use CGI is necessary to use form mail.

The spam mail might come when the address where "info@*****" and "webmaster@*****" were used for the mail address is used even if this measures are given. Do not use the mail address where these are known well.

The mail address is displayed in the image.

The mail addresses are collected and because only man can recognize this if being made is displayed in the image, the mail addresses cannot be collected in the mail collection robot.

If the mail addresses are collected by man, it is an end though it is a tentatively effective measures.

When the imitation mail address is displayed and it transmits, the change is pressed.

When the one that a part of the mail address was changed is displayed, and mail is sent, it is displayed that part is changed and it sends it.

If the mail addresses are collected by man, it is an end though it is a tentatively effective measures.

When an important mail address flows out

I have flowed out somewhere though was attentive the mail address where it uses to work only once, too. English spam mail came to come from the foreign country every day.

However, English mail that perseveringly camouflaged MAILERDAEMON was made with CGI and it sent it back to the spam mail. E-mail from Japan did not come in about two weeks. E-mail from the foreign country did not come in about one month at all. I think that it was effective to have dealt with this ahead of time.

When the spam mail comes to come in large quantities, it seems can do nothing but change the mail address.