Method of using shortcut key

If the shortcut key is different even if it understands in each application software, it cannot be used that it is convenient if the shortcut key is remembered easily even if it remembers. However, the shortcut key has the common use a lot.

Next, the example of the shortcut key often used with the personal computer together is shown. It is not versatile because there is an application that cannot be used in the inside, too, even if it is said it is common. It becomes convenient if it uses it from the one that it is possible to use it even if everything is not remembered at once.

If it is a shortcut key, it is likely to be able to operate it even by the application that cannot be operated with the mouse. Even when the toolbar disappears, it is possible to operate it. Moreover, it is convenient also for the operation between the applications.

Shortcut key that used Ctrl key often used together

Ctrl+C (copy)
After the color is reversed by dragging the range to be copied with the mouse (selection), the key is operated.
Ctrl+X (cutout)
After the color is reversed by dragging the range to be cut out with the mouse (selection), the key is operated.
Ctrl+V (Paste)
The content that is copied or cut out is put on the cursor position.
Ctrl+S (file preservation)
The made file is preserved. It becomes "Preserve it giving the name" for the existing file , saying that "Overwrite save" at the file newly made.
Ctrl+N (creation of file)
The file is newly made.
Ctrl+O (The file is opened. )
The existing file is opened.
Ctrl+A (Everything is selected. )
All items in the file are selected.
Ctrl+F (retrieval)
An arbitrary character string in the file is retrieved.
Ctrl+H (substitution)
An arbitrary character string in the file is replaced with another character string.
Ctrl+Y (Redo done over again)
The correction returned to the previous state is done again.
Ctrl+Z (returned Undo)
It returns it based on the operated operation.
Ctrl + left-click(selection)
Selecting items of the flight flight can be done by selecting it with the left mouse button with the Ctrl key pushed.
Ctrl + mouse's wheel(switch of font size)
It is ..font size.. revokable with the Ctrl key pushed by the rotation. mouse's wheel

Shortcut key that used Shift key often used together

Shift + left-click(selection)
The cursor is put on the starting point within the range of the selection, the terminal within the range of the selection is left-clicked while pushing Shift, and the reversing selection is done.
Shift + arrow key(The range of the selection is shortened, and it is the same as the drug of the extension etc.)
When the range of the selection is shortened further, and what is selected once and reversed is extended, it uses it. Surroundings of the cursor can be selected even if it doesn't select it at all.