How to use nPOP (Use to manage mail on the server)

Software named nPOP displays the mail of mail server (POP3). It is like making general remote mail of the mailer and the function of virtual mail software, and the very convenient one. I am always using it.

Feature of nPOP (merit)

NPOP can be seen by displaying mail on the server. It disappears from the list when mail is deleted from the server. NPOP can receive mail, and Mail Sending can be done.

Because the merit of nPOP can operate the mail of the server, it is hard to hang in the virus. It is understood that it seems to be a virus when becoming accustomed at the mere sight of mail in the server. It is possible to delete it before it downloads it to the personal computer. The attached file is understood at once.

NPOP Because it is possible to operate by putting it in USB thumb drive and the floppy disk, mail can be checked by carrying about with two or more personal computers.

Installation, start, and setting of nPOP

It downloads from Madonomori and Vector because nPOP is free software, and it installs it in an arbitrary folder such as C:\tool. It is not necessary to install it in Programfiles.

NPOP is double-clicked and "nPOP.exe" that exists in the installed npop folder to start or the short cut is double-clicked.

When nPOP starts, the mail account is adding set. POP reception server is set. SMTP server is set when transmitting.

Many mail accounts can be made. All mails can be checked at a time by making two or more accounts and it is convenient.

Method of checking newly arriving e-mail

To check all mails, "Round check" of "Sending and receiving" is clicked. The sign adheres to the place of the name of the account when there is a newly arriving e-mail.

To read the reached mail, the displayed mail is double-clicked. The reply mail can be made like the screen.

Deleting method of mail

Mail and the spam mail without the necessity any longer are deleted from mail in the server when reading once. After "Mark it for the deletion" is selected by "E-mail" menu after the mail to be deleted is chosen, marked what is executed. It is possible to delete it from two or more servers at a time. In that case, "Round execution" of "Sending and receiving" is used.

Method of receiving the same mail by e-mail software with two or more personal computers

Afterwards, the E-mail received with nPOP is preserved in the mail server. When reading e-mail with home and OutlookExpress etc. such as notebook computers of the destination, this E-mail is usually deleted.

Because it is not easy to use it in mail about the server being deleted when mail is received by the mailer, it is set as follows that mail is not deleted at once.

Especially, to receive the same mail, two or more personal computers set to preserve mail in the server by setting the e-mail software such as the Outlook express. You will delete it until times for one week from the server later. This setting is made similar with two or more personal computers.

How to open attached file

The attached file is not received only by receiving it with nPOP. After "Mark it for the reception" is selected from "E-mail" menu, marked what is executed. Because the attached file name is displayed under "Edit" menu, it is clicked. Next, after it preserves it in a suitable folder, it opens because it hears preserving ahead.

Method of transmission making mail

Making the message is clicked. The address and the subject are input. The attached file can be appended from this screen. Next, it advances to the input screen of the text. When "Transmission at once" is clicked, it is transmitted at once when the input is finished. The mail transmitted to the transmission box when the transmission is finished moves.