Anti Spam board writing

Because the trouble writing (automatic, writing and trouble writing, automatic operation writing) increases, I embarrassed with the bulletin board on the homepage recently? The trouble writing disappeared completely when I planned it as follows. The bulletin board is very effective though can call only from the homepage.

Troubled writing measures of bulletin board by direct link prohibition

The content prohibits the direct link to the bulletin board in short, and the bulletin board can be called only from the homepage. The page cannot be called even if it registers in the favorite.

Because others were actually displaying my bulletin board in the frame on the person's homepage without permission, it is what about it thinks to stop this. When the bulletin board is used, it has been understood this is effective in the trouble contribution measures.

The following script is put in the first position of the body tag of the bulletin board.

<script Language="JavaScript">
if(document.referrer.indexOf("http://your homepage address")==-1)
alert("Please access from the homepage");
window.location.href="http://your homepage or error page address";
// -->

It might be effective to make to the error page, and to skip this lower address there. Trouble..write in..automatic..easy..write in..have..operation..troublesome..bulletin board..keep at a distance.

It doesn't limit to the bulletin board, and when it is a control of access (direct link prohibition) compared with the HTML file, this method is effective.

This measures are [yamamotosan] It was adopted as a standard function of "Automatic contribution measures 3" of Joyfullyy BBS. Moreover, it seems to see this page and to be built in a lot of bulletin boards.

The direct link is made to be good only I with Joyfullyy.

If the direct link to the bulletin board cannot be done, it might be inconvenient for the manager. Then, if a special password is put on URL in the Joyfulyy bulletin board, it is opened it directly. Registering in the favorite after the bulletin board is opened is convenient.

The example: When you set "abc123" to the password

When "?tyoku=abc123" is put on URL of the bulletin board, the bulletin board is opened directly.


"Automatic contribution measures 2" of Joyfulyy is exceeded.

As for the bulletin board that set "Automatic contribution measures 1" of Joyfulyy and "Automatic contribution measures 2", a large amount of trouble writing was done though it was not my bulletin board. When "Automatic contribution measures 3" is done at once, it seems not to be written at all. Because this "Automatic contribution measures 3" cannot call the bulletin board to begin with excluding the homepage, it is planned before writing.

The bulletin board can be displayed from a different site though "Automatic contribution measures 2" can refuse the contribution in case of the contribution from a different site. There is the one to camouflage the reference origin (referrer) after it displays it once recently and to do the trouble contribution, too.

Attention when Norton Internet Security etc. are used

Please be not necessary because this caution mark goes out in JoyfulyyBBS, and note it when building it in a general bulletin board.

The Norton Internet security Because the bulletin board is not normally displayed when the reference origin is concealed and accessed when (Norton Internet Security) etc. are used, it is kinder to display "Please refer when the bulletin board is not normally displayed" etc.

Troubled writing measures by change of address of bulletin board

It is also effective to sometimes change the address by changing the folder name in which CGI of the bulletin board is put as other measures.

The trouble writing decreases because it becomes an error in the address at the time of writing before when an occasional address of the bulletin board is changed even if ..address of the bulletin board.. known. Writing is not done if it changes every day. However, it is troublesome.

Troubled writing measures by setting of prohibition word of bulletin board

The troubled writing measures by the setting of the prohibition word of the bulletin board are very effective. If it is executed to plan it alone with other measures, it is effective. If it is set to the prohibition word, it has been never contributed again because the person who does the trouble writing does a special expression. It is a translation that only has to add a special word and the expression in that and to set it to the prohibition word if contributed.

Troubled writing measures by password setting

It is also effective to make it not write to set an easy password to the bulletin board and not to put the password.

Even if it is not the strong one of BASIC attestation degree, the effect is full. The password is written in the place where somewhere of the bulletin board or the bulletin board is opened. If it is this, everyone can contribute. It is not possible to compete because the password cannot be read that no eyes of man if it displays it in the image if it is possible to do by the program mechanically processed. Because the trouble writing is done by the automatic operation, it is troublesome.