How to Find the string in the page

To be able to easily obtain various information on the Internet to search page is now the world is very convenient. However, there were lots of search pages, I often think we do have a hard time to find the information anywhere on the page.

Method of using function of Internet Explorer

Because the character in the page can be retrieved in recent Internet Explorer (IE), this can be used. The method does as follows.

However, it is not easy to use it by the following reasons in this method is a fact.

Method of using a free browser named Lunascape

Internet Explorer etc. improve in power, and Lunascape can be made more comfortable and more convenient. It seems to be the one that was born so that the amenity of Internet operation may improve from the research of Waseda University, and developed by the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  The highlight button of the Internet in the retrieval button in the retrieval button and the page and the page has adhered at the right of an upper retrieval window when this is used.

It is very convenient as follows when retrieving it by using Lunascape like this. My having been using it well It was Lunascape3 Light.

Method of using Firefox

It came to often handle Firefox recently. Even if Firefox3.01 is used, it is possible to retrieve it comparatively easily in the page. "Retrieval" in that is selected pushing an upper "Edit" tab. Then, the retrieval window in the page opens under the screen.

The character string to be retrieved to the retrieval window is input. It is possible to retrieve it by changing the display by using the right "The following are retrieved", "It retrieves", and "Emphasis display of all".