The RSS feeding delivery method in homepage (HP)

The RSS reader It came to see the RSS feeding of the word well recently. It increases almost being offering updated information on the homepage to all blogs and pages such as newspapers by the form that is called "RSS feeding". If these sites are registered in software corresponding to the RSS reader, it becomes very easy to inspect the page because it understands the update whenever the article is updated. You need not even go separately to check the homepage.

Because I know the thing that the RSS feeding delivery can be done even on a usual homepage, and set it actually while trying and erring on my homepage, it introduces the method. I see ..good for SEO measures.. when the feeding delivery is done on the homepage. It was able to be confirmed that it hung to the blog retrieval even if it was a usual homepage, and the number of accesses increased.

Kind of RSS feeding

The method of delivering the update of the homepage is called feed. RSS is one of the feeding in the abbreviation that takes the initial of "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication". The language of RSS is based on XML of the text form, and there is a form named other Atom.

The one corresponding to all of this has increased to a recent RSS reader though the delivery form (RSS1.0, 2.0, and Atom) is different. Moreover, when the function of the smart feeding that FeedBurner is offering is used, the standard of delivered contents seems to be converted automatically to correspond to all the forms. There might not be the user's confusion if this is used.

To the typical one of the RSS reader There are iGoogle, Google reader, My Yahoo, Bloglines, Livedoor reader, and goo RSS reader, etc.Because the Google reader uses it easily, I am chiefly using it.

Feeding has been made with RSS2.0

I made feeding with RSS2.0 as follows though you may write the version of RSS like the above-mentioned with what. The extension of the file is put on the root directory on the homepage as xml. (example rss.xml)

A Japanese code is made the same code as the homepage. My example is Shift_JIS.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Shift_JIS"?>
<rss version="2.0">
<title>(HP title)</title>
<link>http://HPaddress </link>
(HP description of the total)
<lastBuildDate>Wed, 05 Nov 2008 14:00:00 +0900(Modified)</lastBuildDate>
<title>page title</title>
<link>http://address of the page</link>
<description>page description</description>
<pubDate>Wed, 05 Nov 2008 14:00:00 +0900(Modified page)</pubDate>

When the article increases, everything from <item> to </item> is copied, it puts ahead of that, and the content is changed. The number of update pages of which it informs them by feeding is adjusted to about 5-15.

XML files of RSS are linked on each page.

I make XML files of the RSS feeding linked on each page as follows. In a word, the following descriptions are added in the head tag on each page. It is recognized that it is a page that the RSS feeding exists in a browser when this is done. The mark is displayed. Describing it on not only top page but also all pages thinks it is kind in the user. This function is called the auto discovery function of feeding.

<link rel="alternate" href="http://****.net/****.xml" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" />

The feeding bookmark is set up.

Setting up the bookmark of the RSS feeding thinks that the user subscribes to the RSS feeding easily. In a word, somewhere on the pageThe mark is made to be displayed and it is made to link with the XML file of RSS. Describing it on not only top page but also all pages thinks it is kind in the user. I had them display it in the part after the left had been advertised.

When FeedBurner is used, I make it link with address (****) of feeding issued with FeedBurner.

Ping is transmitted to the RSS server.

The ping server is a server that receives and collects the updated information that has been sent from the RSS feeding on the blog and the homepage. When the article is added in the blog service, data is automatically transmitted to the ping server.

Because it is not understood whether to update the homepage if this is not done, new information cannot be read with the RSS reader.

The program is made by oneself with CGI and PHP to transmit data to the ping server or free software etc. are used. I used free software named fRssAtom. This software can easily make the RSS feeding.

Because feeding that transmits ping once and is registered seems to be updated automatically every 30 minutes, you will transmit ping to reflect it at once after the page is updated.

You may make feeding with fRssAtom and transmit ping.

Still making feeding by hand power becomes troublesome when frequently updating it. Then, free software named fRssAtom that easily made the RSS feeding decided to be used.

When the page is updated, feeding is generated with RSS2.0 by starting fRssAtom. The RSS feeding file is up-loaded to the server with FFFTP or this software. Afterwards, ping is transmitted. It is very easy.

Feeding is made, it up-loads by full automation only with fRssAtom, and it gives the easier one to the ping transmission. I am using this method now.

FeedBurner is used.

The RSS feeding is supported with FeedBurner. The ping transmission can be easily done. When the function of the smart feeding that FeedBurner is offering is used, the standard of delivered contents automatically converts it to correspond to all the RSS forms. Moreover, the trouble of the XML file with which the standard is severe can be verified.

Because I was doing the AdSense of Google, it wanted to use AdSense for feeding, and FeedBurner was used.

To link XML files of the RSS feeding on each page when FeedBurner is used, not the above-mentioned method but as follows is done. The address of feeding issued with FeedBurner is specified.

<link rel="alternate" href="****" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" />

When FeedBurner is used, it is necessary to make the character-code of the feeding file UTF-8. Otherwise, it sometimes garbles in the RSS reader.

Use of feeding ticker

Information in five latest articles can be displayed by using feeding ticker on the homepage. The registered blog and the latest article on the homepage are displayed with GIF animation.

Others' homepages and the updated information of the news site can be displayed in my homepage by using this.

Error check of feeding file

There is a convenient site where the error check is done because the standard is severe with the feeding file (The extension is a file of xml) though it is quite difficult to put it into the state without the error at all.

There is a link also in the page of the troubleshooting of FeedBurner.

Let's stop putting the full page on feeding. (It is enough by the summary)

The case where not the summary of the page to feeding but the full page is put is sometimes seen.A lot of these seem to be in the blog.

When this is seen in the feeding reader, it is unsightly. (It is necessary to scroll with the length though I do not want to see.)

Such feeding is disliked. I do not at least think that I want to register to the feeding reader. Let's register your feeding to the reader for yourself and check it.